I did it! I got my airline tickets today – for one big long trip to the three largest West coast cities on a 12-day treck throgh Oregon, Washington and California – and a special visit with my favorite friends in the whole world who I miss after they jetted from Boston – and its my favorite little person in the whole world’s First Communion!

I am verye excited – so much so I could burst! I need a break – a vacation and a rest – but a nice, quiet time to think and get some perspective. I also didn’t know there was so many things to do or pick from on what should be a great trip. I know I am going to visit the Red Woods and drop in to a seal cave or two, probably hit up an aquarium and some zoos since all those cities seem to have some – but the other choices are ENDLESS! The opening day on the San Fran Bay is the Sunday I will be there – and a trip to Alkatraz sounds fun…does anyone have any thoughts about what is fun to do or see – I will be coasting along the coast from Washington and Oregon down to California – stopping in Eureka and Napa and hitting San Fransisco. Some options are here: http://www.oregonpackagedtravel.com/iten/wonders.html

If you have a great suggestion – or want to offer a vote for one of the activities listed let me know. Of course there will be pictures – hundreds I imagine. 😛

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