Im001104 I am very behind in posting my stories and photos of my West Coast trip to California, Oregon and Washington – but in the meantime I had a special posting to say a special thanks to everyone’s favorite person, one of my best friends (and Babe’s best friend too) – Mike. (pictured right of me with our other best friend Josh in the green.) 

First, Happy Birthday as Mike celebrates a special birthday this week and doesn’t look a day over 20,21,hmm okay 22. Second, congrats to Mike (and the other volunteers and team) for a great, historic event last week. Mike worked very hard and thank goodness his birthday was this week so he could celebrate (and rest!)

(Mike is also celebrating because he no longer has to watch Babe! Wo. Hoo.)

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  1. Mike L. says:

    Awwwww… thanks, Kory!! 🙂

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