Im002428aa I took a class at Loews this weekend and decided to finish the living room and get a start on the dining room. I though a few hours would be sufficient – however, 20+ hours later, paint in my hair (not on the floor though!), a cranky cat locked in the bedroom, and being more tired than I actually have ever been in my life (I could actually fall over from lugging around the ladder, reaching the ceiling, or maybe the fumes!)…its done!

With that – introducing the living room! A photo album is added to the left "New Home: Introducing Living Room." It features during pictures with the big mess – and the nice after shots. I actually used not two, three or four – but five colors – (pretty good for a novice!) – and they are very mellow – so best seen in person. White accents the baseboards and back wall of the fireplace, and its details. Cornerstone is the main color of the room walls. Lemon grass is the accent color of the door, the middle of the fireplace and the top of the banister railing, eggshell cream for the ceiling, and pebble stone for the trim of the stairs and fireplace main part itself.

I did learn some lessons, and who is a friend and who is a foe:

* Lesson one – drop clothes – you can never have enough. The first time I dropped the paint tray off my new ladded without the five drop clothes that would NOT have been pretty!

* Lesson two – cancel all life for several days – it will be a while to do it right.

* Lesson three – foes: light fixtures that don’t come off, trays that don’t lock on the ladder, drinking while painting (I cracked open a bottle of champagne someone gave me two years ago and saved it for something special this qualified! HOWEVER, the quality of the work went down hill as I realized when I was fixing things this morning that I had done late last night LOL)

* Lesson four – my new friends: tray liners!, fixtures that twist off, plastic sleeves that slide in between carpet to protect the rug from paint.

With that I am going to resume eating and the cat can now resume normal activities. I am dreading the painting of the giant wall coming up the stairwell into the mainhall – that will be fun I’m sure. More pics when the new dining room set gets here.

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