DamonIn less than 10 hours I meet my new puppy who will join me and Babe for wonderful times to come. I’m so excited its like 29 Christmas’s rolled into one (yes 29 I said!) 😉 I wonder if I will sleep. Altough, after tomorrow, I wonder if I will sleep then. Babe is excited too, of course. And my grandmother is of course on pins and needles to welcome the "grandpuppy" home for a visit this weekend. (sarcasm)


I already went shopping and bought a ball that makes fun noises, ropes, treats and fun things – but then decided me and puppy will go shopping together – as who knows what puppy will like! Above are the two puppies I am meeting to pick from. They are neutered today and resting for my visit. While they are purebreds – American Staffordshire Terriers – they are shelter dogs – look at their faces!? If you are considering a dog – you should definitely consider a shelter dog or rescue dog. 12th Street Gym is doing another event with PPP – I should have details soon – many of my friends and web visitors attended and adopted nearly half the animals that day or brought donations.

I am still trying to decide on a name for puppy – I will keep you all posted  -and I will have several THOUSAND pictures to share! 🙂

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  1. Deseree says:

    Cute doggies~! I like the one with more brown on his face 🙂

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