Bumble_bee_buster I have never been one for Halloween. However, having purchased a home and being with "child" now I suddenly feel the "spirit" (oh play on words LOL). My last fun memory of Halloween was several years ago and during that horrid time I recall something of a big spider being hidden in the house and scaring people and that was the highlight of Halloween – actually of the whole fall (how sad). Anyways…

In South Philadelphia, in the residential section its Halloween decorating time in September. (In Target its Christimas time but thats another story..)

Not to be left out and feeling the "pressure" of the neighborhood and local culture for "best decorated house"…"best children’s costume…" and "most rediculous house decorations" we set out and had to throw out our glowing, light from the inside fiber optic pumpkin NO LATER THAN September 27, 2005. With it came a host of silly decorations. Today, went up fall lights (that can then double as thanksgiving lights – wo ho!). They posed a quandry as a first time homeowner because you say "damage the house", "have them fall on your head two weeks later", or "have the damn cords show?" Dilema=cranky!

Costumes was the next on the list. After some frantic calls only to get NO BODY (Amy, MOM and others) on the phone because fall tv started and watching tv is more important than discussing the latest trends in dog fashion and toys…I was left to fend for myself in the costume section of the pet department at Target. I decided to purchase four costumes and let Buster decide. Then I saw IT! IT!!!!!!!! BZZZZ will go my little Bumble Bee. Only once in a lifetime can you dress as a bee I thought, being a boy that is – when you are a baby. This thinking was confirmed by several forward thinking, or feminists who I thought would never say such a thing – yet rolled off their tongues – "Eww he’s a boy, only girls wear bumble bee outfits." Alas, my bumble bee choice was perfect as his Halloween biological clock was ticking – and the alarm would have gone off on November 1, 2005. Whew! (Next year I guess something more masculine – cowboyw? biker? Hillary Clinton?)

So we tried his costume on. He loved it! It was very tasty he decided as he wanted to eat it. After throwing a fit he finally decided it wouldn’t come off and we posed for the above picture and we’re ready for trick-or-treaters. Saturday we’re off the Carnival of the Dog. Our first social engagement with other dogs! Yay.

Happy Halloween now that we are in the spirit – from our little Bumble Bee Buster "Brown", Babe the "Witch" and Me!

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  1. Anh says:

    Hey, Kory — As I told you last night in New Hope, this is the photo of you and your baby that I took during OutFest

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