Well this week I was in a little auto accident drama – and while driving my tire blew and went a little out of control. In a crazy twist of events – the morning was a horrible horrible morning anyways – and of all things it was the day of my golf outing. I was all clean and dressed to go – running way early even (yes early I said!) – and it was very upsetting. Triple AAA wasn’t available – and I had no one to call for help or advice.

I got the car to the nearest gas station – and unfortunately it was just a gas station – not a service shop. There was a man there – maybe 60 – 65 – and he was so wonderful. I had to change the tire MYSELF (if you can picture it!) and he helped me every step of the way. He didn’t need to, was so nice and patient in instructing me, calming me down, helping me get the job done even though it wasn’t his job. At the moment, and that day – I was quite a mess – it was one of several things going wrong in a bad week. But looking back it was quite invigorating to be able to change my own tire! Somethig I have never done before – but now could do all by myself!

What was so special about this story wasn’t that, though. I offered to give the man some money for helping me – and he waved his hand at me. He pushed my hand back at my wallet and said he wouldn’t accept it. I said no, no, you must – you spent all this time, were such a help – and lost out on doing your other stuff. He said – all he wanted out of me was to go help someone else (I guess in a movie moment way – PAY IT FORWARD!) He was quite serious. I said I will. I will. It was so moving and such a nice gesture – one which I will certainly do – and normally always help others. But one I wanted to write about. Thanks to that gentleman at the gas station on Broad Street – for changing the tire and reminding me there are such good people in the world.

Its funny, I always try to help others, sometimes when they don’t even ask. Sometimes in life I get frustrated when situations don’t work out, people just walk all over you or hurt you, and yes after always doing for others and giving of yourself sometimes you feel like the world isn’t the picture perfect place you think it is – and then someone like this comes along to remind us all that there are wonderful people out there trying to accomplish the same exact thing – making the world a better place – and maybe even doing it a lot simpler, and better. For this small gesture on his part, I was really moved – he has no idea what he did for me this week! And yes, I will go more out of my way for the next person, maybe two! I was also reminded of this lesson from someone this week – who said they try to get up everyday and ask themselves how can they be better or do better than they did the day before. Lots of interesting things to think about when life throws you some curves! 🙂

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