I've started
working on a special new project in my spare time – something special,
personal and dear to my heart.  In order to be successful, I need
your help to vote for it to get funding – it will only take a few
moments.  It's called "Connecting Pets with Seniors" and with
your support it could get funding from American Express.

To nominate this project for potential funding,
please go to
 http://www. membersproject.

or membersproject. com and find:
Connecting Pets with Seniors

My project would create a national model that
connect pets from animal shelters with seniors, age 55 & older. The project
matches and pays adoption fees for dogs age two and up, and cats age three and
up. The program ensures a long-term relationship by providing funds for vet
care, dog walking, dog classes, clean-up of cat litter boxes, etc. The program
matches seniors who can benefit from volunteer service with the shelters. The
program also matches senior organizations with shelters for pet therapy.
Finally, the program does what many other don't – works with pets from elderly
who can't take care of them anymore, or who pass away, and find them new homes,
as opposed to putting them back into the shelter system. As of now, the
community partner I have nominated to execute the project is Philadelphia
Senior Center. In the future, the project would become its own 501 (c)(3).

It's simple. People go online and ultimately vote
on which projects will share $2.5 million in funding from American Express. If
you are an American Express cardholder you can log-in as normal. If not, you
don't have to be – just create a guest log-in account! The decision is yours.

Please nominate my project – and look for more on
this in the future…
Thanks so much!

Link: http://www. membersproject.

Project Name: Connecting Pets with Seniors
Category: Elderly

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