60th Anniversary Cupcake and Dance Contest Party 007 Plans for our “60th Anniversary Dinner and Dance”
for Philadelphia Senior Center were well under way.  As invitations were prepared to go out the door, it soon became time to host a member and client event for those who couldn't afford to attend
the high-end gala, or for those who can’t physically get to the location.

Our staff and seniors came up with some amazing ideas for an in-center event on Wednesday, September 17, 2009.  However, we soon learned that we had
little funds to spend on the event due to outside factors. 
Therefore, we were limited to a simple party with a DJ, cake and
candles.  Dancing and cake
anywhere else might sound uninspired.  However, we took an old-fashioned concept and turned it upside for the
most modern and exciting party ever…

Buttercream, Philadelphia’s Cupcake Truck, just opened for
business a few months before.  After
reading about Buttercream in various social media, I called Kate (the owner) and
invited her for a tour.  Kate’s
inspiration for Buttercream was, in part, because of her grandmother and her
baking.  She loved the idea of partnering
with PSC.  Together, we decided against a large cake.  Instead, we would instead have a “City-wide Cupcake Giveaway” for seniors — giving away 300 cupcakes.  We would blow out candles on the special
handmade cupcakes in front of the truck and invite the media.

60th Anniversary Cupcake and Dance Contest Party 036At the same time, we had been organizing a “Day of Caring” with partner Independence Blue
Cross through the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  We convinced them to sponsor the party as their activity by providing volunteers and materials for an afternoon filled with a dance contest, Wii tournament, and scavenger
hunt.  They will also provided fun
snacks to compliment the cupcakes, including cotton candy water ice, soft
pretzels, fruit, pizza bites, goodie bags, and more. 
Prizes were awarded for the dance contest, Wii contest and scavenger

The event sold out and attracted more than 300 seniors by the end of the afternoon who celebrated this wonderful milestone.  It was a great public event before the more intimate "There's No Place Like Home" gala in October.  The media covered the candle ceremony.  Everyone enjoyed Buttercream's cupcakes and generosity.  

Follow Buttercream to learn about their location this week: 

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