Season 10 of
"Dancing with the Stars" just wrapped up to its biggest audience —
and biggest PR buzz –ever!  Watching it is a guilty pleasure of mine.
 It is also something I can to do with my family members and friends while
we Facebook and Twitter about what happens.

After seeing
American hero Buzz Aldrin on the show — I was Twittering about possibilities
for Season 11 stars.  Some people have discussed it in passing, but I
think everyone should group up and recruit Betty White, as she is having the
hottest year ever.  I think she would go above and beyond what Buzz did in
terms of showing that seniors can compete with stars half her age, while
changing people's perceptions of seniors. She would also hand it back to the
judges in a special sarcastic way that only she knows how to deliver.  The
show also is great escapist fun.  She would raise that bar of fun and
humor even more by returning to my living room each week — or at least
for a guest appearance.  With her new show "Hot in
Cleveland" coming to TV Land this summer — she will be hotter than

In an effort to
recruit her, similar to the effort to that of the campaign for Saturday Night
Live, we have started a Facebook page titled:  "Betty White on
DWTS!"  Please check it out and become a fan!  Most importantly,
though, share the page with your friends, twitter about it, blog about it, and
post it everywhere! 

Betty White on Dancing with the Stars
– Group Facebook Page:

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