After several years of reliable family hand-me downs – and one new-ish car – I finally experienced the joy of purchasing my first brand-new car! My amazing little bubble car, the Ford Focus, was on its last legs.  Additionally, jokes from all of you about my driving of the "bubble" on the highway at 40 miles an hour with the "blupe blupe blupe" sound effects simply had to end! 🙂

I started searching months ago and the Ford Focus wised up to the idea. It was not in bad shape, nor was it that old. However, every time I went car shopping it had some new issue, including breaking down in the middle of a busy highway and falling apart on the way to a Jeep dealer, hmpf! I wondered that instead of preventing me from finding a new car it was actually telling me it was time for us to end our relationship? Either way, I took the hint!

After some research, I looked and looked, but nothing caught my eye.  Then I saw it — the Kia Soul. In one week, everything came together. The federal auto plan was extended. I found a great price on a Soul. A trade-in offer was negotiated. A rebate offer was extended. I would soon be driving down the highway like a Hamster in the award-winning commercials. One thing, though, was not. The colors available were not my first or second choice. I took the car and decided that I can develop branding for public relations campaigns and events, so why not rebrand the car? I designed a series of black racing stripes to go the length of the vehicle. I quickly located a top designer who could turn my design into reality – and voila!

Today, I have an amazing vehicle. I highly recommend the Kia Soul. The gas mileage is great! The price literally can not be beat. The inside storage room is perfect. The passenger room is generous. Features like hands-free Bluetooth, satellite radio, oversized wheels, sport suspension, sun-roof, extending window shades, ample storage space, and a rear storage containment unit below the trunk make it a joy to experience.Then, of course, there is the renowned sound system and the red interior lights that flash with the music or your mood. They are just the icing on the cake of this great ride.

Check out the before and after pictures of my Kia Soul:


  Kory Aversa Kia Soul Racing Stripes Kory Aversa Kia Soul Racing Stripes 2 Kory Aversa Kia Soul Racing Stripes Pit Bull Buster Brown Shelter Dog Kory Aversa Kia Soul Racing Stripes 4


Want to learn more about the Soul?  Check out this great forum:



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  1. Leisa Dreps says:

    So far, among Kia’s line up, the Soul is the most eye-catching. As far as speed is concerned, if I’m not mistaken, it has 135hp and 121lbs. of torque, which is pretty decent for driving around the city. So that’s not all bad. As for the interior, it’s roomy and stylish. Price is really not that bad. I’d have to say, Kia has certainly outdone themselves with this one.

  2. Jenn says:

    Hi, your soul looks great! What shop did your racing stripes, and how much did it cost? Feel free to email me…I love that look!

    • Thanks! How funny you should ask, as I haven’t been asked that in months and you are the second person who wanted a referral tonight! I will look it up this weekend and get back to you. Kory

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