Ever dream of holding a million dollars?  How about $96 million dollars? 

Instead of sitting home during my time off, I decided to start traveling to spots that I normally wouldn't get to during my busy work schedule.

Thanks to Senator Bob Casey, I was able to secure a private, guided tour of Washington D.C.  for myself, along with my brother, best friend and several others.

Kory Aversa GLBT Travel White House Washington Senate Gallery  Our action filled days started with a special private tour of the Capitol — with lunch in the Senate Dining Room.  We enjoyed Senate Navy Bean Soup, which has been on the menu since 1907 per act of Congress.  We enjoyed watching a random Senator walk by, saw the Appropriations room, sat in on the Senate and House, and walked through the old Supreme Court Room.  This was followed by a special constituent tour of the Kennedy Center, with a special visit to the President's boxes.  We were fortunate to hear a rehearsal taking place, and it was fascinating to hear about the gifts placed around the Center from other countries. 

Next, we played with money.  Lots of it.  While others peered on from the galleries, we were fortunate to score a special, private floor tour of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving.  We literally walked by hundreds of millions of new $100 bills.  We were allowed to even touch and pick up a stack of bills that totaled $96 million in cold hard cash.  The most interesting part of the tour was that the currency being printed was the new $100 bill not making its debut until February 2011.  It was also fascinating to see how the machines and staff would find the smallest discrepancies in a bill that was flying by at an incredible rate on the conveyor belt.  If you have a chance to take the public tour, this is definitely a place worth visiting.  As you might expect, no pictures were allowed inside.  And unfortunately, while all the other tours provided us with fun parting gifts, no – we received no special parting gift from this tour.  A million or two would have been nice, right?

Kory Aversa GLBT Travel White House Washington Senate Gallery 2  The trip ended with a tour of the White House.  The rooms were magnificently decorated, as you might expect.  It was especially interesting to see pictures of the Presidents and First Ladies doing things you don't often see them photographed doing — such as playing ping pong with staffers, enjoying down time, eating, etc.  For the most part, it was simply an honor to visit the White House in this day and age.  Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside the White House – but they weren't even needed, as the memories will last a lifetime.

Visit the "Trips – 2010 Washington DC" Album under "Photo Albums" on www.koryaversa.com



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