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No visit to Washington D.C. would ever be complete without cupcakes!  Normally upon arrival I immediately head off to Red Velvet for their upscale creations.  However, this time I was visiting Georgetown and spotted Georgetown Cupcakes.  Since it is my personal mission in life to sample cupcakes of all shapes and sizes, everywhere I go, I couldn't resist! 

Upon entering, I read the signs that talked about Georgetown Cupcakes very own show on TLC starting July 16, at 10pm — so I figured they had to be good.  Then I checked out the flavors!  They had several flavors I have never experienced – Cinnamon cake with Cinnamon frosting; Heath Bar cake with Heat Bar frosting; and Mint Cookies and Cream.  The cakes were moist and loaded with more frosting than I can even describe.  The frosting looked like bland, whipped frosting that I am not a fan of.  However, looks can be very deceiving.  The frosting had a stiffer, sugary texture — and the frosting was more flavorful than first appeared.  Perfection.  Each and everyone was perfection.

While I should have ordered just one cupcake, it ends up that six cupcake creations ended up coming home with me — or should I say leaving the bakery.  How many made it in the car is another story!

If you are visiting Georgetown, check them out: 
Georgetown Cupcakes


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