As a result of the National Weather Service's declaration of an "Excessive Heat Warning," Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) will operate its HEATLINE at (215) 765-9040 beginning at Noon today, July 5, 2010, until Midnight tonight.  Based on current forecasts, the HEATLINE will be active until Thursday, July 8, from 8:30am to Midnight.  

Neighbors, friends, and relatives are urged to look in on elderly persons, as they may be especially vulnerable to the heat. The elderly, individuals with chronic medical conditions, those on medication, and persons who live alone and receive few visitors are encouraged to call PCA's HEATLINE for advice on coping with the heat. In addition, callers may contact PCA's HEATLINE on behalf of another individual who may be at risk for heat stress.  
"When it gets this hot and temperatures outdoors are in the 90s, many homes can have indoor temperatures that reach 100 degrees of higher. This is extremely dangerous, especially for the homebound," said Chris Gallagher, PCA's HEATLINE call center director.

PCA's HEATLINE staff can provide information about recommended air-conditioned locations, provide tips on coping with the heat and detecting signs of heat stress. City Health Department Nurses are on site at the HEATLINE call center to speak with callers about medical problems related to the heat. Mobile teams from the Health Department will be dispatched if a situation requires intervention, and 911 will be called for emergencies.

The HEATLINE is a joint effort between PCA and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to prevent heat-related deaths and help citizens stay safe in extreme heat. Across the country, heat is known to cause more deaths each year than all other natural disasters combined.  PCA's HEATLINE is a non-emergency telephone service. IT IS NOT A FAN OR AIR CONDITIONER DISTRIBUTION SITE.  

 (Information taken from PR Newswire.)





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