Kory Aversa Fabric Silk Pink Philadelphia School of Circus Arts Since joining the staff of Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, I have been able come up to speed with several new, innovative marketing methods – including  "Collective Buying" or "Social Buying."  Since mid-summer I have worked with two of the largest social buying sites, Living Social and Groupon.  Today, the first of two major efforts I have put together for the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts has come to fruition – with stellar results!

Since 5:00am, Living Social has promoted the "Day's Deal" with Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.  The offer is for 1/2 off the price of an Introduction to Aerials Workshop.  By 9:00am, there was less than 100 sold.  I was nervous.  Then we started to sell hundreds per hour. By midnight, the deal sold out to 1,000 new students and customers!  This means not only direct revenue from the deal, but it means that 1,000 new people will come through our doors, be exposed to our programs, and become candidates for on-going classes. Several buyers today already called today to sign up for other classes.  All of this as a result of one single marketing effort.  It was amazing to see that every hour of today people were visiting our site, buying our offer, "Liking" us on facebook, and calling the office.  

Thank you Living Social, and all of the new students, for making our first Social Buying experiment a big success!  Watch the internet for future deals and offers by PSCA – coming soon.

If you haven't checked out the deal for yourself, visit: 

"Like" Philadelphia School of Circus Arts on Facebook:


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