Kory Aversa 1 As many of you know, I have been working as the Public Relations and Marketing Manager (part-time) for Philadelphia School of Circus Arts (PSCA).  When I started, I didn't anticipate the rich projects I would be working on, nor did I realize what new skills and experiences I would be able to add to my portfolio.  

With the new year comes a new project — both for myself and the organization.  PSCA will take the "show on the road" for the first time with an entire MONTH of circus arts activities in Center City during the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA).  For me, this means an exciting whirlwind adventure in marketing, public relations and social media.

Over the past three weeks, I have worked with PSCA's wonderful staff and partners to launch our first official YouTube Channel (600 views in 2 days!),  restart efforts on Twitter (71 followers for an early start), and develop an enormous following on Facebook (600 fans grew to 1,010 fans, daily post views rising 2,000 to 6,000).   I have also had the pleasure of promoting our program at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to 2,000 bus and tour operators from across the nation.  I have also been able to network with other arts and culture groups in the region.

While I brought extensive media experience and contacts to the table, never before have I seen the media be so wonderfully receptive to an organization.  In six weeks, we have had four television news tapings, a radio interview, an on-line audio story, an on-line digital story, hundreds of internet mentions on blogs, event sites and news sites, and coverage by a half of dozen newspapers. 

We have also benefited from generous coverage on personal and corporate blogs around the world — as well  as from group ticket and media packages distributed by the PIFA marketing and public relations teams.   

In the next few weeks, we welcome back several television channels covering different activities, three newspapers, and dozens of members of the international press for "press day" and a media-only class on aerials!  Our promotional photos are also traveling the globe — this week landing in New York City as part of the PIFA's media junket.  In conjunction with PSCA, I will also be bringing other social media sites to life before April's activities.

As I look ahead to the coming months, I am excited at what the new year brings — and I invite you to join me on my journey!

Fly with me, PSCA and the "Green Fairy": 

Facebook – Kory Aversa 

Facebook – Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

(Other new social media sites in conjunction with PSCA — coming soon! Stay tuned.)

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