Kory Aversa Key West Every August, I travel with friends to Cape Cod (Provincetown) for a relaxing vacation.  Before each trip I get excited about the prospect of trying out something new.  First, I wanted to go Whale Watching.  Check!  After that, I wanted to be a little more adventurous and go parasailing or jet skiing.  Then, as luck would have it, it rained — every day I wanted to go, and every year I traveled there.  Therefore, when I scheduled my trip to Key West the very first thought that entered my mind was "Lets do it!"

As soon as I arrived in Key West, I researched the tour companies and was pleasantly surprised at the findings.  The cost to parasail in Key West was a fraction of the price of what was charged in Cape Cod and New Jersey.  Furthermore, the time up in the air was double that of other locations. Them, of course, there is the beautiful scenery. 

Kory Aversa Key West 2 I ended up booking with a company called Parawest.  For only $35 they let you fly, or "sail" for eight to twelve minutes.   When I arrived the crew were friendly and relaxed.  They provided some simple instruction, but it all seemed too easy to be true.  Then, I watched the couple ahead of me go first.  They were going to fly together.  As I watched them shoot off into the air, I was worried I made a mistake.  It looked scary.  What if you fall into the water, or worse, what if you get disconnected and sail off into the island?   A thousand other possible scenarios ran through my mind.  When they returned, the guests looked happy.  They crew told me to stick on the harness and walk to the top of the boat landing.  In less than 60 seconds (literally), I was up on the landing and he was saying "goodbye!"  It was so effortless and relaxing — complete opposite of what I expected. 

Kory Aversa Key West 3 The take-off was so gentle, as was the ascent into the air.  When you reached the peak, you just floated there like a cloud.  It was so easy, in fact, that I had my hands off the harness in no time to take pictures and wave to the video camera.  The crew members said I could flip myself upside down, but I opted to save that for next time — I have to have something to look forward to, right!?  As I soared, I witness a breathtaking view of Key West from overhead.  I watched sail boats travel by, as well as big cruise ships.  Jet skiers zoomed off in the distance.  I also had the distant company of other parasailers who provided some color burst in the skyline.  From the air, you could see the beautiful green and blue water, as well as sand bars and the coral reefs. 

Before I returned to the boat, the crew dipped my feet in the water several times.  They then reeled me in for a smooth landing.  For a small fee, the crew filmed my entire journey, and took still photographs.  Check out the footage below.  

If you ever are in Key West, this is definitely an activity to try!  I can't wait to try it again — both in Key West and in Cape Cod this August (no rain, hopefully).

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