Copyright Kory Aversa Philadelphia School of Circus Arts Green Fairy Cabaret After nearly a year of promoting circus arts during the Philadadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA), it was finally time to see my efforts pay off!  

Last night, "The Green Fairy Cabaret" opened to a sold out audience at the Hamilton Garden of the Kimmel Center.   The show initially was going to seat 125 persons — and those tickets flew out the door several days before the curtain would fall.  After PSCA moved in to the Kimmel, more seats were added bringing the count for each show to 175.  We launched a concise yet aggressive campaign to sell the new tickets, and as of today, all pre-sale tickets are sold out. A limited number of tickets are being released each night — and they have instantly sold out at the door.   

The show itself was spectacular (spectacular)!  It is one thing to work with the crew to promote the "theory" of a show, write up descriptions, organize photo shoots, and do press interviews — but it was another thing to  experience the beautiful artistry in the show firsthand — from the breathtaking skills exhibited by the performers, to the wit exhibited by the emcee, to the original music that set the tone and background. 

P1020765 Emcee John Jarboe couldn't have been a more perfect "Green Fairy."  He invited the audience to join him on his journey with humor, darkness of the period, and skill.  He also wrote the script that framed the performances, and brought along his amazing pipes.  Eric Michaels created the score for the show. This was the first time PSCA performed to original music created just for a production. The music was at times hauntingly beautiful — perfectly transporting the audience back to 1900s Paris. While all the performers were spectacular, one performance in particular stuck out to me, as I haven't ever seen the skill in person. Kitsie Lundell and Harley Newton took to the aerial ladder, and I don't exaggerate when I say I literally couldn't take my eyes off them! I,  of course, was impressed by their routine itself — it had such emotion and artistry.  But as someone who likes to personally challenge physical boundaries, I especially enjoyed their ability to convey that emotion within the context of the physically challenging apparatus, while suspending in mid-air.  Each of them had to be aware of the others positions and movements in such a precise manner.  They both had to balance on the ladder in sync to not just the music, but with each other. The images they created are something I won't be able to shake out of my head anytime soon, nor would I want to. 

205087_10150153413672032_663687031_7119622_4581530_n As stated above, pre-sale tickets are sold out, but rush tickets might be available at the door each night starting at 8-9pm.  The show runs today at Noon and 10pm, and tomorrow at Noon and 10pm. 

You can also still "get your circus on" during "Fly City."  Earlier in the month, "Fly City" took flight in the University of the Arts parking lot.  Since opening day, members of the media have taken their own lessons and covered the event, including reporters from CBS3, Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia Gay News, Philly Broadcaster, Frugal Philly Mom,  Q102 and Mix 106 — with more to come from NBC 10, Preston and Steve, others.  Classes have been filling up with more than a dozen selling out already.  

For more information about "Fly City," visit or call (215) 546-PIFA.  For more information about other performances by PSCA, visit 

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