222123_10150160643872032_663687031_7184677_1990327_n (1) Each year I go home for the Easter holiday, or my family comes here for a traditional Polish dinner.  I couldn't travel this year due to starting a new job. On their end, my family was spending the holiday with my grandmother who was too ill to travel.  Since I was by myself, I decided to make the most of my Easter with some local traditions on South Street. 

Philadelphians love brunch "almost" as much as they love cheesesteaks and Tastykakes.  Therefore, I started my day with Easter brunch at one of my favorite restaurants on South Street, Supper.  I had only dined at Supper in the evening, so I had never experienced their brunch.   I had long heard of Supper's famous Red Velvet Waffles, and I wanted see what the fuss was all about. When the waffles arrived they looked picture perfect.  However, they were anything but perfect.  Instead, they were lukewarm, dense and overcooked.   The waffles came with sweet cream cheese mousse, toasted pecans and bourbon cherries.  All three accents were delicious — however, there was not enough  mousse for the volume of waffles served.   

222714_10150160644542032_663687031_7184688_4454714_n (1)I had almost started to wish I went to a big Easter Brunch at one of the Center City Hotels until I was distracted by our next entree, Banana Cream Pie French Toast.  The french toast itself was light, fluffy and coated with Nilla wafers.  If you didn't tell me what I was eating, I would have thought I was eating a deliciously moist piece of cake.  The toast was surrounded by fresh sliced bananas and cinnamon meringue.   I am not normally a big french toast fan. However, this dish has now converted me!  

In addition to the sweet, decadent items, we also ordered lamb shanks, the Supper Fritatta (with Gruyere, smoked bacon and green onions),  grits and sausage.  These delicious savory items were a great replacement for the traditional ham I would have enjoyed with my family. 

After sampling Supper's brunch treats, I continued my South Street adventure by checking out the 80th South Street Headhouse District's Annual Easter Parade.  Circus performers and students from Philadelphia School of Circus Arts were asked to join in the festivities this year and I wanted to support their efforts.  In addition to circus folks, the parade featured a double-decker Big Bus, Mummers, costume-clad dogs, and Halloween's Henri David.  The Headhouse District handed out hundreds of rabbit ears, so South Street was filled with bunnies of all shapes and sizes.   

224705_10150160659987032_663687031_7184891_2451303_n (1) Following the parade, I picked up Buster for our annual trip to the parks in Center City to look at the springtime flowers.  Buster also played with his new Easter toys and posed for some photos wearing his rabbit ears.  

Despite not being with my family, it was a wonderful Easter. Philadelphia has some amazing restaurants with delicious and unique food for every season. The city also always has fun and exciting activities taking place all the time — no matter the time of year.  

I hope you enjoyed your holiday and experienced some Philadelphia restaurants or activities for yourself.  Happy Easter.


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  1. Rich says:

    Gah! You did all that but missed the Zombies?

  2. Kory Aversa says:

    Gah! How did I miss that!? I love a good Easter zombie!

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