It is the home stretch for "Fly City" and the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA). "Fly City" started to sell out all of its time slots each day – so more classes have been added!  As a final promotional push, we organized a massive publicity blitz on electronic media, radio, television and newspaper.  Our goal was promote PIFA, "Fly City," and the two presenting groups (Philadelphia School of Circus Arts and Fly School Circus Arts), but also create elevated interest in the Philadelphia region's circus arts activities.  Check out the great pieces below, including video of private media lessons by WMMR, Daily News and KYW 1060. 

* NBC 10/ NBC10! Show
NBC 10! Show and Justin Pizzi joined us today on location to broadcast the early morning classes and showcase a demonstration.  Watch the video below:

* Philadelphia Daily News

On April 22, 2011 Jenice Armstrong took a swing at PIFA by taking her own private lesson with Fly School Circus Arts Director Mary Kelly Rayel.  Check out the full-page photograph, cover box, two-page article and related circus story at the following link: 


* YELP Weekly Newsletter
On April 20, 2011, YELPers got a big dose of "Fly City" as Philadelphia School of Circus Arts sponsored the YELP newsletter in a marketing partnership.  Check out the photos and stories below: 

* Daily Candy
On April 21, 2011, Daily Candy presented their "Best of PIFA" guide with a "sweet" top billing for "Fly City."  Check out the story below:

* KYW 1060/ CBS 3
On April 19, 2011, KYW Newsradio 1060 reporter Karin Phillips dared to try the flying trapeze! Her adventure is detailed below:

On April 18, 2011, Marisa and Angela from "Preston and Steve" took to the air in a high flying adventure that they shared on the WMMR website.  View the clip below:

* Q102/ Mix 106
On April 15, 2011, Nicole Michalik, aka Nik the Web Chick, from Q102/Mix 106 (and as seen on "Biggest Looser) learned a few new tricks during her lesson.  Check out her video: 


"Fly City" is presented by Philadelphia School of Circus Arts and Fly School Circus Arts as part of PIFA. Lessons run daily between 9am – 9pm, until May 1, 2011.   New lesson times have been added to the final weekend. On Saturday, April 30, 2011 "Fly City" be open, with a special table by Philadelphia School of Circus Arts from 1pm -8pm.   For more information, visit or call (215) 546-PIFA.


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