218670_10150169168402032_663687031_7276100_5622603_o Please Touch Museum  (PTM) transported visitors to a galaxy far, far away during “May the 4th Be With You."   In celebration of the unofficial Star Wars Day, PTM hosted Star Wars toy displays, space-themed programs, and Star Wars characters.  

Since its premiere in 1977, Star Wars has played an important role in pop culture and childhood play. Movies, comic books, lunchboxes, activity books, toys and action figures provided children with important tools to expand their imaginations.  Many of these items have remained popular over the last thirty years, and have since become collectibles for children of all ages.  PTM displayed more than 100 vintage and contemporary Star Wars toys from the museum’s greater collection of over 20,000 toys and play objects.

240630_10150169180282032_663687031_7276254_3346545_o In addition to the toy collections, PTM hosted a "Far Far Out Dance Party," in conjunction with Jedi Knights, from PA Jedi. Princess Amidala hosted story-time in the Story Castle. The 501st Garrison Carida presented Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Boba Fett for photographs with children. The villains will also led the “Imperial March” End of Day Parade.  Children were also treated to a very special surprise guest — Chewbacca

On-going museum programming included a trip to the outer reaches of the galaxy in the permanent space-themed gallery, “Flight Fantasy.”  The Elaine-Wideman Vaughn Program Room, adjacent to “Flight Fantasy,” also hosted star map painting, along with other activities.

PTM's "May the 4th Be With You" activities received a lot of press in the deep, outer reaches of the universe – blog universe that is!  CW/CBS Philly, KYW 1060 News Radio, and WHYY/Newsworks also covered the event.  Check out the footage below: 

For information about other fun activities at Please Touch Museum, please call 215-581-3181, or visit www.pleasetouchmuseum.org.  Please "like" Please Touch Museum on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pleasetouchmuseum .



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