Have you ever walked down Market Street and someone hailed a cab for you?  Have you ever gotten lost someone stopped to point you in the right direction?  Have you ever asked for recommendations for where to visit or eat, and had someone generously talk about all their favorite places?  Has anyone ever made your day just by smiling at you?  This week, Mayor Michael A. Nutter, along with groups like Please Touch Museum and the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association, will brighten the day of Philadelphians and visitors, and encourage others to pay it forward, by performing “Random Acts of Hospitality," as part of the U.S. Travel Association’s National Travel & Tourism Week. 

Mayor Nutter kicked off the campaign on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, in the picturesque Love Park as part of U.S. Travel Rally Day.  He was joined by Ben Franklin and hundreds of hospitality industry workers to encourage people to open a door for someone else, offer to take a picture for a visitor in front of a Philadelphia landmark, give directions to someone who looks lost and more.  Local tourist attractions have been armed with stickers for visitors and staff who perform a "Random Act of Hospitality." To participate, watch for signs at participating tourist attractions this week, or follow the movement on Twitter #phillylovesme.

To learn more about National Travel and Tourism Week, visit www.ustravel.org/marketing/national-travel-and-tourism-week.

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A blog about Philadelphia's fun and unique adventures, arts, events, food and opportunities.

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