For the past three months, I have had the pleasure of developing a media relations campaign for a program that introduces young children to the concept of money.  The program made its debut this month with some great media coverage — including an interview on NBC's Money Matters with Consumer Reporter Tracy Davidson.  Check out the program details and press clips below.

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Financial literacy programming introduces young children to the concepts of earning, saving, spending and investing. Financial Literacy at Please Touch Museum runs Tuesday, August 2, 2011 through Friday, September 30, 2011. Financial Literacy at Please Touch Museum is presented by First Financial Group, a general agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), with additional support from US Airways. Activities are included in the regular price of admission. Program activities that will debut at Please Touch Museum as part of Financial Literacy will include:

The Pinch and Penny Show
The Please Touch Museum Playhouse Theater presents The Pinch and Penny Show, a story that explores the concept of saving money for something you really want or need, rather than spending it carelessly. Navigating Exhibits and Shows The Pinch and Penny Show runs approximately 25 minutes, and is free with museum admission.

Design Your Dime
Visitors will create their own currency. The activity will help children explore the design principles behind money, including historical figures, symbolism, numbers, and more. The Program Room will also feature opportunities for learning how money exchange works through play, as well as a display case of play money.

Kids $mart Start Financial Literacy Workshops
First Financial Group presents MassMutual’s Kids $mart Start financial literacy workshops to help parents teach their children all about money. These fun, interactive workshops will include age-appropriate plans for saving, how to identify a "want" versus a "need,” how to manage pocket-money, and how to plan for larger purchases. Workshop games and lessons are designed to encourage discussions between parents and children on the importance of good financial habits.

Banker PTM Puppet Pal
Children are invited to meet the latest addition to the PTM Puppet Pal family – Banker Puppet Pal. This dapper businessman will be seen in PTM’s exhibits talking about numbers and counting with young visitors. PTM is hosting a promotion to name Banker Puppet Pal on PTM’s Facebook page. The promotion runs Monday, July 11, 2011 through Thursday, July 28, 2011, when the new name is announced.

Story Time
Families will enjoy story times featuring age appropriate books which focus on money, savings, numbers and counting. Story time takes place in Story Castle, at the rear of the Please Touch Museum Kids Store.

Financial Literacy at Please Touch Museum will run Tuesday, August 2, 2011 through Friday, September 30, 2011. For a schedule of events, visit or call 215- 581-3181.

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