Green Fairy Cabaret, Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, Kory Aversa, Emcee John Jarboe, PIFA, Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, Philly Fringe, Philly LIve Arts Today, from 11:30am – 1:30pm, Philadelphia Theatre Alliance will host "Casting Couch," at the Comcast Center outdoor plaza, 1701 JFK Blvd., Philadelphia, PA.  At 12:30pm, John Jarboe will serve as the celebrity theater host, interviewing contestants and onlookers.  Jarboe represents Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.  He will use the couch to promote PSCA, and the upcoming, "The Green Fairy Cabaret," in which he is the emcee.  "The Green Fairy Cabaret" is presented as part of the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival/ Philly Fringe.

About the Casting Couch

The Philly Theatre Casting Couch, now in its second touring season, uses a talk show format to engage theatre fans in conversations with celebrity interviewers about what theatre means to them.  Imagine seeing a red couch parked in the middle of a plaza or a park – or even on a street corner -  with a Philadelphia theatre celebrity is sitting there comfortably chatting with an average Joe/Jane (our contestants) about the magic of theatre!  The Theatre Alliance stages these couch appearances to find out what our audiences get from their experiences at the theatre.  Each interview is considered an audition for a PSA that we will cast out of clips from the day’s videotaped interviews which will then be posted on YouTube.  Contestants also get entered into a ticket giveaway contest.   It is a lot of fun, and a great way to meet your audience and build a little buzz for your show.

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