MANNA Pie Sales, Manna Bake Sale, Pecan pie, holiday pie fundraiser, Philadelphia Food, Philadelphia Dessert, Kory AversaJoin me in supporting MANNA by getting a delicious, five-star pie to celebrate the holidays with your family. Better yet, make MANNA pies an annual staple on your holiday table.  All pie purchases and associated donations will provide nourishing meals to people at acute nutritional risk from life-threatening illnesses.   

Over the last two decades, I have done work for many health organizations – including starting my own HIV/AIDS awareness organization in upstate New York — and serving on the board of Safeguards Men's Health Project.  This project lets me continue my philanthropic efforts to help people with HIV/AIDS, as it is a cause near and dear to my heart.  I have some close friends in New York and Pennsylvania who have lived with HIV for years — and who have come to depend on services like those offered by MANNA.

Pie choices this year include: 

* Holiday Pumpkin Pie
* Southern Pecan 
* Traditional Apple Pie
* Sky Pie (PICTURE ABOVE — Caramel and Walnuts on a rich creamy cheesecake, drizzled with even more caramel and chocolate)
* Client Pie (DONATION ONLY — The sweetest of all – this pie is actually a donation to send a pie to a client during the holidays)

Pies can be picked up on November 22 and November 23 at dozens of locations in Center City and around the Philadelphia suburbs.  

Proceeds from the pie sale will directly help MANNA provide services for people at acute nutritional risk due to life-threatening illness.  Your support will help MANNA provide:

* 800,000+ nutritious, delicious, home delivered meals produced each year
3 meals, 7 days a week, FREE of charge
* Medically appropriate food (11 diet modifications) for each client
* Nutritional counseling and education

All of MANNA's services provide a solid nutritional base that allow people living with a life-threatening illness like cancer or HIV/AIDS to maintain weight, better tolerate and absorb medications, and build a healthier, more independent lifestyle.  

Join me today and purchase your pie at:

P.S. Thanks to the Greater Philadelphia Flag Football League for forming a pie team in 2011 — it is part of their ongoing charitable efforts to give back to the Greater Philadelphia community! 

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