373823_10150463693969036_101397659035_8342194_355007519_nPhiladelphia School of Circus Arts (PSCA) ignited a bright winter glow during the final performances in the new "Soiree" series.  On Friday, December 16, 2011, PSCA students and faculty performed in front of  hundreds of spectators during, "Circus Soiree:  Revel — A Winter Solstice Carnivale."  The evening's performances featured a spectacular tightrope act with colorful umbrellas and a background cast that was just as colorful.   Other highlights included spectacular aerial skills (including doubles trapeze), festive hoop dancing, live music (by PSCA students!), and acrobatic feats.   

The performances were part of a new series to showcase works in progress by advanced circus students in the Philadelphia region.  The final show in the series ended the season on a highnote with a packed house and holiday-themed pieces.  

383161_10150463701089036_101397659035_8342235_1898515927_nSpecial thanks to everyone who made this event possible, including the following performers: 

Aaron Berman – Silks
Disa Carneol – Trapeze
Megan Cauley – Trapeze, music
Susan Gates – Dancer, trapeze, lyra
Nina Giacobbe – Dancer, trapeze
Jenly – Lyra, acro 
Thomas Hooks – Trapeze
Lee Marcavage- Silks, music
Amy Morrissey – Tightwire, trapeze and music
Niff Nicholls – Trapeze
Kate O'Neill – Rope
Jen Pantaleo – Double bar trapeze 
Anthony Ruiz – Acro
Meg Skill – Double bar trapeze 
Peter Smith – Trapeze
Amanda Sweeney – Trapeze
Amanda Taylor – Hoop dance
Heather Van Alstyne – Lyra
 Jackie Zalewski – Soiree Faculty Guide

For a complete album of photographs from the event, courtesy of Jill LeMinLee and Sarah Muehlbauer, visit www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150463693609036.387628.101397659035&type=1  


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