Some of you may have heard of The Bald Soprano, Eugene Ionesco’s one-hour hour long absurd comedy that has been playing in Paris since 1957. Written as a continuous loop, the play contains directions in the final scene to start the performance over from the very beginning, with actors changing roles for the next round.  Brat Productions transforms this continuous-loop concept into a night-and-day come-and-go spectacle with A 24-HOUR THE BALD SOPRANO at Plays & Players Theatre (1714 Delancey Place, Philadelphia).

Bring your coffee!  Bring your pillow!  Bring your Red Bull!  Once it starts at 8pm on Friday, February 24 it won’t finish until 8pm on Saturday, February 25.  Brat’s unique take on Ionesco’s classic tests the mental and physical fortitude of every performer in this spectacle of metaphysical nonsense, suburban banality and sleep deprivation.

“The ‘exhaustion’ factor is part of the entertainment and purpose of the production. Each show is different, even though the lines and timing are exactly the same. Any time is good because you never know how the actors might deal with the fatigue (and possibly boredom). There are tons of variables,” said Brat General Manager Melissa Rodis.

The cast can’t leave, but YOU can come and go, night and day as you please—or stay for every waking minute.  Tickets are sold in two-hour blocks that guarantee admission to those two performances.  A ticket also grants access to all other performances as space permits. Tickets are $20 and available at and

BONUS MAYHEM:   Tickets include a chance to see Absurdist theatre company Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium in a special reading of Ivona: Princess of Burgundia.  Quigs will also be open on the third floor – let the drinks (and coffee) flow!

Disclaimer:  Thanks to Brat Productions for provided us with tickets to give away and cover the show.  Watch for contest details coming soon.  Facebook, Twitter and Google are not affiliated with these giveaways.

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