Baby it’s cold outside…  What a perfect time to shake up your routine in time for the summer!   Philadelphia School of Circus Arts puts a unique spin on classic fitness by presenting 50+ classes that make yoga seem like a snooze (yawn!), and give more bragging rights than pumping iron.

Starting Monday, February 27th (tomorrow), Philly’s circus arts school starts an eight-week session that gets you off your feet, into the air, walking the line and juggling more than your schedule.  (Sign-ups are still accepted after the session starts for a pro-rated amount!)

For newbies, the school offers beginner classes in aerials, tightwire, juggling and conditioning.  For the advanced, they offer deep stretching, intermediate and advanced aerials, Chinese Acrobatics, Chinese Pole, Hoop and more.  For future stars,the school even offers a new-ish class called “Performance Prep” where students move from skill development to developing an act.  Students then get to hog the spotlight during a student showcase in front of friends, family and the community (applause).  Our personal favorites are the one-time “Intro to Aerials Workshop,” Juggling and Unicycling, and Basic Conditioning.  We even went out and got our own colorful balls to practice juggling at home.  (The dog even wants to jump in and help when they fall to the ground!)

Independence Blue Cross named circus arts classes as one of the top ways to “Get Out and Get Fit” in their 2012 Winter Guide.  They think classes are such fun they are giving everyone $25 off a full session class (not Intro workshop).  Check out the deal on Facebook.

Not sure if running away to the circus is your cup of tea?  Check out a video of IBX blogger taking her first class.  We can personally attest that Ashley kicked butt!

For a complete listing of Spring session classes visit To save $25 off classes, enter the promo code IBX2012 upon checkout.  See full details on the “Winter Guide” tab, on the IBX Facebook page.  
Disclaimer:  No monetary compensation or complimentary prizes were provided for this post.   

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