Philly Love’s Fun is launching a new series of short profiles called “Up & Coming,” to highlight unique people and organizations that caught my attention.  I personally think they are going places — but you be the judge!  If anything, I hope you agree that they interesting people or groups who are following their dreams.  Now, on with the show…

4SW Entertainment is an emerging group of theatre artists specializing in the outrageously funny.  They have been in existence for four years now and aim at insulting, offending and entertaining at the same time.  The organization was formed when three students studied theatre together in college and decided, “I’m over it, let’s do our own thing”.  All actors, each member, brings something different to the table.  Angela Harmon (also 4SW’s graphic designer and only female) writes with a feminine touch, her comedy style gets straight to the point with sarcasm and a touch of class.  If you don’t hear her coming a mile away (she always wears heels), you will definitely notice her for her assets…  Michael Fisher has a dry writing style that almost always has a touch of the past, he specializes in “shit I think is amusing or ridiculous.”  Old at heart, you can most often find him with a cigarette in his mouth and glass of whiskey being cynical. Sebastian Cummings writes with an uncensored hand, his work almost always involves sex, drugs, and questionable acts, all of which the audience will judge, but deep down will shamefully relate with.  If you don’t remember him for his stand-up style of comedy, you will remember him as “the one that’s not white?”.

 4SW has quickly become a popular web staple for their comedic videos on  They freely admit that they have LOTS of time on their hands — LOTS!   So instead of sitting around contemplating their next video adventure, these budding artists have assembled a showcase of original material to tickle your funny bone.

Leaping from your monitor to the big time (sort of), they make their  in-person debut with “4SW Live! A Showcase of Original Works by 4SW Entertainment,” on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 8:00 PM, at Plays & Players (Skinner Room).  It’s a great opportunity to see if they can make you laugh out loud — or simply laugh in their face (their words, not mine).  Either way, lots of laughs are sure to be involved!

The show is FREE, so its like going on a first date and not paying for anything and having a great time.  It’s like when the questionable guy that sits on your neighbors stoop offers you some of his questionable substance and doesn’t ask for anything in return.  While its a free show, I am sure they wouldn’t turn away any donations to support their future efforts.  If you attend the show, let us know what you think…

 The next project for 4SW is a yet to be titled fringe show.  So, look out for bigger and better things to come!

If you have suggestions for future people or groups for “Up & Coming” e-mail me or post a comment on this page. 

Disclaimer:  No monetary compensation or in-kind items were provided for this post.  

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