Everyone is still buzzing over the BIG TOP success of City of Hope’s “Let Them Eat Cake” benefit on Monday night at the Loews.  I reached out to Amy Fitzpatrick, from City of Hope, for post-event wrapup and here’s what I learned.   CHECK OUT THE SECOND AND FINAL GALLERY OF PICTURES BELOW THE Q&A!

Philly Loves Fun:
How many people attended?

We have over 700 people attend LTEC this year. We are really pleased with the turnout! That is amazing

Philly Loves Fun:
Wow!  That is fantastic! It was a great turnout for a great cause!   How did the event do? 

Over all the entire event was a great success! We met all of our goals, both monetary and with the amount of outreach to promote City of Hope and our mission. We had so many returning and new bakers this year that I can only imagine what next year can bring.

Philly Loves Fun:
Its such an important cause, and its great to hear you have such amazing support.  When do you announce the theme for next year? 

The theme will be announced in a few weeks, however I can say it is the red carpet event you don’t want to miss…

Philly Loves Fun:
I am on pins and needles waiting to hear!  I will get my best red carpet outfit ready…I am sure the cakes next year will be real super stars!  Can you tell me a few past themes that were exceptionally fun?

Ethnic Weddings (2009), A wedding through a child’s eyes (2010), Love throughout the ages (2011), Under the Big top (2012)

Philly Loves Fun:
Wow, such creative themes!  Gets me more excited to learn about next years!  (Please, please, please tell me!)  Who were the winners, and which cakes were they?


  • Best Student- Art Institute- David Reimund and Franco Avisi
  • Best Use of Theme-Truly Custom Cakery and Cakes by Suzy- Stacey
  • Most Artistic- Truly Custom Cakery and Cakes by Suzy
  • Best Tasting- Adelaide’s Cakes – Stefanie Murphy
  • Best of Show-Adelaide’s Cakes
  • Audience Choice- Truly Custom Cakery & Cakes by Suzy

Philly Loves Fun:
Thanks so much!  I know you are going to post more pics and info on your Facebook page.  I will ask everyone to take a visit and learn more about your work to fight women’s cancer. 

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