The Philadelphia Live Arts/Fringe Festival is dancing to a different tune this year with an epic dance journey with 200 locals — and you are invited to join the dancing fun!  Dance your heart out on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art during Le Grande Continental, the largest contemporary line dance event in history.  Recruitment sessions are coming soon, and rehearsals will take place during the summer.  The final shows will be on Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9.   This piece has already performed in Montreal, and is a testament to the power of dance to form communities, and the power of performance to create one of a kind EVENTS.


Plunge feet first into the most epic contemporary line dancing event ever imagined, Sylvain Émard’s Le Grand Continental, a huge adventure featuring 200+ dancers of all ages and backgrounds.

Montréal-based choreographer Sylvain Émard shatters the distinctions between line dancing and contemporary dance, creating an extremely colorful and contagious 30-minute event. Created at Montréal’s internationally renowned Festival TransAmériques (FTA) in 2009, Le Grand Continental originally featured sixty amateur dancers. Since then the show has tripled in size, most recently presented in the historic center of Mexico City with movement inspired by Latin social dancing. This time around, the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival will host the largest presentation of its kind with 200+ performers of all ages and backgrounds, ranging in experience from professional dancers to pure amateurs. It will be a line dance extravaganza filled with contagious community spirit, a show not to be missed.

Brat Productions’ Resident Artist (and Philadelphia music/theatre star) Jess Conda is lending her time and resources to help the project.  She has launched a massive recruitment drive to find the most diverse group possible from all over Philly.  She wants to showcase the talent, charisma and personality that makes Philly one-of-a-kind! If you are a dancer — professional, amateur, or someone who just loves moving (even if only in front of the mirror) — SHE WANTS YOU! Ages 10 and up are welcome to participate.
“I am scouring community centers, schools, churches, and anywhere I can to find people who represent the vitality and spirit of adventure that defines Philadelphia,”  said Conda. “This project appeals to me as an art maker and producer because it brings art directly to the people–there is no experience necessary to dance, thus every performer has value, and the piece is defined by the energy that everyone brings to it. This piece is an example of the power of art to connect communities to the nth degree. Every individual community that participates in this dance contributes to the big picture.”  Come, join the dance!

The selected cast will be divided in two groups for the first month of rehearsals (Group A and Group B). All participants will rehearse twice a week for 8 weeks. Participants are expected to attend all rehearsals, dress rehearsal, and performances. Rehearsals will run Monday, July 9 – Friday September 7, 2012.RECRUITMENT SESSIONS

Any interested parties must attend one recruitment session, either Tuesday, May 15, 7—9pm OR Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 7—9pm.   Note: Not all individuals who attend the recruitment session will be selected to perform in Le Grand Continental. The recruitment session will provide you with more information about the experience and you will be taught a 1 minute dance sequence with a group. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Dancing in Le Grand Continental promises to be a fun adventure and a unique way to spend the summer.  You will be able to say you starred in a Live Arts Festival Show and that you worked with internationally renowned choreographer Sylvain Émard.  You will also be shaking hips with Philly’s top movers and shakers.  If that wasn’t enough, it’ll work off those extra pounds without requiring a trip to the gym.


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