Yellow conference lounge at Revel ResortsIn a time when new casinos are popping up all over Pennsylvania, Atlantic City really has stepped up its game!  The town is leaving nothing to chance as it differentiates itself from the new competitors.  This is a win-win for fun-seekers, like us, who crave the whole experience. From entertainment to food, luxury, sand, swimming and games, we want it ALL! Atlantic City heard our plea and they are ready to deliver in a big way.

From the moment we arrived in Atlantic City for our July 4th holiday, we could tell there was definitely something “new and improved” in the air – and on the horizon.  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Revel Resorts.  As we looked up, we spied the magnificent Revel Resorts.  We’ve read the blog previews and checked out their website, but nothing prepared us for what Atlantic City’s newest destination had in store.

From the moment we entered the building we could tell this wasn’t the same old casino in the same old town.   The posh game floor had all of our favorite slots and table games, but it kept it interesting with eye-catching decor, bars, ultra modern lighting, music and restaurants.  While I feel other casinos make you walk to the outer edges of the world (or the expansive casino floors), at Revel the restaurants were at your finger tips.  Instead of having to walk to the far corners of the property, I was able to jet in an out of 14 restaurants – and easily transition from growing my waistline to shrinking my wallet!  Mingled in with the restaurants and games were exquisite concert spaces with perfect acoustics.  During our visit there was a concert in the larger space, and the more intimate spaces had visitors moving and groving to a DJ. Truly, there was something for everyone and every music style.

As we left the main game and restaurant level, we found pure relaxation on the roof with a mix of modern and attractive living room settings and outdoor/indoor bars with one-of-a-kind decor and furniture.  The highlight of the top level was the outdoor “park” with fireplaces and cool modern lights that gave us the option to relax, chill, party or simply escape.

Distrito opens at Revel ResortsThroughout the casino, we spied some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring decor – with unique mixes of texture, colors, sizes and shapes.  We found conference room spaces that weren’t going to put you to sleep like the lecture you would receive inside their doors.  Our favorite was the yellow and red conference ‘zones’ but the library themed space was also intriguing. Other amenities we need to explore next time are the split-view, split-space pool and the spa.  (We had to leave some fun for next time, didn’t we!?

When we left Revel, we felt like we had been transported to a “vacation within a vacation.”  Revel had nearly everything we could need for a weekend of fun – and the best part is that its just a few feet down the boardwalk from our favorite, familiar shops, games, sands and attractions.  You can live it up like a rockstar, then  walk out front to enjoy the beach, Steel Pier, Duality light show, fries and pizza and some skee ball, of course. 

Revel is definitely helping our favorite “road trip” establish itself as a world-class (and “must see”) destination.  For more about Revel, check out our first photo album below, with more albums to come later in the year. For more about Atlantic City and it’s other new attractions, check back in mid-July for more out-of-town fun — including a review of Duality. It rocked our world over July 4th, and it’s going to light up your summer!

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you with the support of the Atlantic City Alliance. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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