Dilworth Plaza might be under construction, but there is still summer fun to be found at Broad and Market. In fact, City Hall may have hit a “high” note with circus aerials lighting up the courtyard during City Hall Presents.  Massive renovations and unsightly fences couldn’t keep the crowds away from City Hall’s majestic courtyard last night.  Hundreds of business people, subway riders, families and passerbyers turned out to see Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.   Circus was a unique choice during a season that will feature more traditional performance, like hip-hop, gospel and modern dance. It was a historic moment, and the performers were ready to shine!

Seasoned faculty — and advanced students — danced in air on trapeze, lyra, silks and straps.   The audience couldn’t take their eyes off the action!  Our favorite act of the night was the lyra duo.  Jackie Zalewski and Disa Carneol whimsically created gravity-defying poses on the lyra.   It was fascinating to watch how they maneuvered around each other while balancing on the hoop.  Another item of special note was PSCA’s debut of aerial straps — which PSCA now teaches.  During the straps performance, the ultra built performer was suspended from a nylon apparatus that resembled two ribbons.  He twisted and turned, doing things that audience members can only dream of.  The cloest thing we have seen to this in Philadelphia is still rings at a Temple gymnastics competition.

For pictures of these and other acts, check out our photo gallery below.  City Hall Presents continues through the summer on Wednesday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.  For information and a full calendar, visit City Hall Presents. For more information about PSCA, visit www.phillycircus.com or call (215) 849-1991.

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