Mid-October is usually when we start to assemble our annual Halloween feast, an entire meal celebrating sugary treats from our childhood. This year, before we could create the menu, the Devil called and invited us over for a dinner party. Who were we to refuse? 

On Saturday, October 27th, Devil’s Alley Bar & Grille kicks open its fiery gates for the Devilish Dinner Party. Even with our obsession with all things sweet and hot, we couldn’t have created a better lineup of tricks and treats if we tried.  Tempting selections will include a Deviled Egg Trio featuring the crown jewels of deviled eggs – Buffalo, Crab Imperial and Bacon Cheddar.  Short rib and risotto get a fall makeover in the festive Jack o’Lantern Risotto.  Ghostly wings will fly in to give us a real spook.  Final course will be a sin-inspiring bread pudding with a candy corn sauce.  Instead of hell, maybe we’d actually died and gone to heaven!?  

While we haven’t ventured out wearing a costume in at least five years, a 20% off dinner discount has us already plotting our “Devilishly Handsome” look for the night. Watch for pictures!

Once the Handsome Devils are out of the house, there’s no stopping them… so naturally we’ll be staying for the annual Dance with the Devil Party.  We wouldn’t want to leave early and offend our host, would we?! We’ve heard he’s got a bit of a temper..

The Devil will spin great tunes while mixing spirited drinks and shots.  Prizes awarded for the most devilish, best group and best overall costumes.  Adult apple bobbing will feature Captain Morgan’s Rum-infused apples and a chance to win a $100 gift card.  Spirited drink and shot specials will include $3 Black Widow shots (espresso flavored), $3 O Positive shots (cherry), $3 Manayunk Pumpkin Ale pints, $2 Yeungling drafts, $5 Vampire martinis (blood orange) and $4 well drinks evil’s feast. The gluttony continues with free bacon popcorn, spiced bar nuts and other nibbles.

The Devilish Dinner Party starts at 4:00 PM. Diners who dress like the Devil (or wear Devil-inspired accessories) will receive 20% off their bill. One discount available per costumed diner. Dance with the Devil Party is free.

We’ll turn up the temperature on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed with live pictures and posts. Stay tuned! 

Disclaimer: No compensation was received in exchange for this blog post. Facebook, Twitter and Google are not affiliated with this giveaway. Data collected will not be shared.


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