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Usually mid-April is the time when everyone starts to think about the beach, dieting and swimsuits.  Over at Philly Loves Fun, that is actually the last thing on our minds as we lick our lips in anticipation of Philadelphia’s food fest scene. While City of Hope’s Let Them Eat Cake whet our appetite with some dessert before dinner, its Flavors of the Avenue that moves us over to the main course.

Get your napkins out and get ready to drool! 

East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District hit a home run at this year’s Flavors festival. Hot on the heels of being named to the “Top 10 Best Foodie Streets in America” list by Food and Wine Magazine, East Passyunk presented its largest outdoor food festival with amazing cuisine from 25 award-winning restaurants, bars and pubs.  Chefs brought out classic signature dishes to introduce to foodies in the making, while testing new dishes for the more experienced Flavors eater. Tickets went so fast this year that we actually attended the special media preview but didn’t even have time to post. It was also the first time that Flavors sold out every single VIP ticket.

What’s all the fuss about? Take a look at our food shots below and answer for yourself…

After the food frenzy ended, we stopped down the road for a shopping spree around the Singing Fountain with the Crafty Balboa April Showers artisan fair.  Apparently everything that East Passyunk touches turns to gold these days, as the fair was also reported as selling out nearly instantly with 45 amazing vendors peddling everything from dog fashion to jewelry to baby gear to home decor. While we browsed the goods, we shook paws with paws with the huge turnout of pooches that came out to enjoy the beautiful day.  On our way out of Crafty Balboa we stopped by a small little pop-up flea market and watched our friends buy a piece of carpet the Pope had walked on. This treasure was only twenty-five cents. Talk about a bargain… Only in South Philly!  😉

Our album for everything outside the Flavors tent is below… Enjoy! If you don’t want to miss the “next big thing” on East Passyunk make sure to like them on Facebook.

Disclaimer: No compensation was received in exchange for this blog post. Two complimentary tickets were provided as a giveaway. Facebook, Twitter and Google are not affiliated with this giveaway. Event is not sponsored by Philly Loves Fun.

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