Diner en Blanc Philadelphia Diner en Blanc Philadelphia is just over a month away and the buzz is building! Everyone, and we do mean EVERYONE, is talking about Philadelphia’s white hot party of the summer — and the year.  This week we tuned in as the pop-up picnic brought delicious eats from DiBruno Brothers to MyPHL 17.  We also spotted fashion experts and writers Ian Michael Crumm and Jessie Holeva showcase their best summer whites on Fox 29.

In a blur of a week, the waiting list swelled to over 5,000 people, phase one registration opened, and the rest of Philly took to Twitter and the blog-o-sphere asking, “Where will it be?” and “Will I get a spot?”  With only five weeks to go, and the final registration phases set to open, it seemed like there was no better a time than the present to sit down and quiz co-chair Natanya DiBona about the event.

Join us as we get the skinny on the entertainment, the registration process, and the location (er, sort of)…

Diner en Blanc PhiladelphiaPLF: 
We’ve read that the wait list is full, and that the list “will never reach my number..” can you explain the details about how the waitlist and the invitation phases work?

Sure, I know it’s a bit confusing!  The term “waitlist” is a bit misleading because people think that the event is sold out.  In reality, the list is for everyone who is “waiting” to receive an invitation.  Anyone can add their name to our waitlist and everyone receives an invitation.  However, the event does sell out, so you are encouraged to register as soon as your Phase opens.

Phase One invitations are for everyone who was a registered member last year.  They are given the first opportunity to register for the event for a full week before it opens to anyone else.  Phase One registrants are also given the opportunity to recommend a friend in Phase Two.  Phase Two stays open for two days and then it opens to Phase Three.

Phase Three is when everyone on the waitlist is able to register.  Right now we have 5,500 people on this list, so I can’t underscore how important it is to register the day the phase opens.  This year Phase Three opens July 18th at 10:00 AM.

In year two, how big will the event get? 

Last year we had 1,300 people and this year we are aiming for 2,300.  This is consistent with how the event grew in New York and we are positive Philadelphia can hold its own against New York, right?!

Diner en Blanc PhiladelphiaPLF: 
What are you most excited about for this year’s event?

I am really excited about the little extra details we have incorporated into this year’s event.  I won’t say anything about them now, but hopefully people will notice them!! I am also really excited about this year’s entertainment.  We have selected a band- Carte Blanche- that is simply amazing and we also have the wonderful DJ Bruce returning from last year’s event.  It’s going to be a great party!

Of course, we know the location is secret, but what can you tell us about this year’s spot? Any hints or clues? 

I can tell you that I lost some sleep in the first days after last year’s event thinking about how we could pick a location that could “top” Logan Circle.  It also didn’t help that so many of our guests from last year told us we could never find a more perfect location!

So, one Sunday afternoon last September I drove around to all of the different locations that people had suggested to us and I took pictures.  I have to say I discovered some great areas of the city!  My co-host, Kayli, and I then met and discussed the pros and cons of each.

We are very excited about the location we chose and we believe that it will provide another great opportunity for participants to fall in love with Philadelphia.

diner en blanc philadelphiaPLF:
What should people expect when getting from the departure point to the event location?

We have many departure points throughout the city and this year we are utilizing many forms of transportation- subway, trains, chartered buses and walking.  We encourage everyone to be prepared to utilize any of these forms of transport.  Ladies, definitely pack your heels in a bag and wear flats for your commute!  I just saw some great foldable ballet flats at Bed, Bath and Beyond- they might be a wise investment! J

How much is this year’s event? Where does that money go? 

With all of the fees included, the event costs $62.00 for a table of two people.  The event is completely funded by this fee, so it pays for permit fees, security, transportation, entertainment, insurance, photographers, etc.  It also covers some fun special touches- like the balloons and sparklers- and the necessities like port-a-potties!

Diner en Blanc PhiladelphiaPLF:
We’ve always got food on the brain. Will there be catered picnics available for order again this year?

Yes, Garces Catering is once again offering two wonderful picnic options and we’re happy to announce that DiBruno Brothers is also offering two cheese/charcuterie options this year.  Both can be ordered in the Online Store when you register for the event and they will be available for pick-up at the event location!

Thanks Natanya for answering all of our questions. If you aren’t on the waiting list for the big event make sure to click here to add yourself. Stay tuned for more interviews coming this summer, and maybe even a contest (tease, tease)…

Disclaimer: No compensation was received in exchange for this blog post.  Event is not sponsored by Philly Loves Fun.  All events above are for 21 years and older.

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