Philly is a great city and so easy to enjoy when you’re feeling great and on top of your game.  If you’re not feeling 100%, I’ll be scoping out some great spots in Philly and the surrounding burbs, trying some of their ancient treatments that will be great to treat today’s ailments and get you back on your feet enjoying the city we love so much. Plus, a trip to the spa is a perfect way to spend a stay-cation, or as I like to say, “spa-cation.”

One With Nature Treatment Room, Salt Therpay Room, Halo Wellness Center, Spa, Philadelphia, Staycation, wellness, health

Through the power of social media I became connected to Halo Wellness Center in Marlton, NJ.   I got a notification that Halo Wellness Center followed me on Twitter so I reached out to them to find out what they were all about.    That started a Twitter exchange where Halo began to taunt me with the allure of ancient Ayurvedic treatments!  “They had me holistic!” Halo tweeted about their Himalayan Salt room, the only one of its kind in Southern New Jersey according the Halo’s website.  I was really intrigued and even made a post on my Facebook page to see if any of my friends had tried a salt room, I got several rave reviews in the comments on the post.

Salt Therpay Room, Halo Wellness Center, Spa, Philadelphia, Staycation, wellness, health

According to Halo’s website, “Salt Room or “Halotherapy” has even been featured on Dr. Oz because of its amazing healing powers. We invite you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this wonderful and relaxing therapy. One 45-minute session is equivalent to sitting on the beach for 4 hours!

Dry Salt Therapy is designed to help with the following conditions:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Colds and Flu
  • Eczema (Requires private salt session)
  • Psoriasis (Requires private salt session)”

I wasn’t sure if I’d have to get undressed or be in a robe?  Nope, I sat in the Salt Room in my jeans and T-Shirt (you must remove your shoes and must wear socks).  It was really comfortable and relaxing!   The low level lighting and the subtle hum of the fan that was pumping salt infused purified air into the room was so soothing.  I suffer from sever allergies and hoped to experience some relief after my time in the salt room.  I could breathe much better after my treatment!  When speaking to the owner Michele, I learned that she brought this concept the U.S. after learning that salt room therapy is a valued therapy in hospitals in Europe.

During our Twitter love fest, Halo suggested a treatment called, Indian Foot Massage.  Halo owner, Michele described the treatment,

Indian Foot Massage A unique and relaxing massage with roots in Ayurvedic medicine and Marma Therapy (acupressure for strength and rejuvenation), Indian Foot Massage encourages deep relaxation and helps balance the entire body. The lower legs and feet are refreshed with warm towels and the Twelve Marmas (energy gateways) are massaged with a Kansa Vatki bowl, which is made of three different metals: copper, believed to help with pain reduction, inflammation and arthritis; zinc for the immune system and digestion; and tin for digestion and relief from headaches and insomnia. The manipulation of these points encourages the free flow of energy to advance the relaxation and revitalization of tired legs and feet, improve circulation and enhance joint mobility. Stress and anxiety levels are reduced, promoting sound sleep and clarity of mind.

Indian Foot Massage, Salt Therpay Room, Halo Wellness Center, Spa, Philadelphia, Staycation, wellness, health

Before my treatment, Halo needed to determine my Ayurvedic dosha.  A dosha is basically your mind/body type in the Ayurvedic tradition.  There are 3, Kapha, Pitta and Vata.  They determined my dosha by having me answer a series of questions about my body appearance, activity and energy levels.  If you’re curious, I’m Vata!  Because the Indian Foot Massage is an Ayurvedic treatment, they used a customized, organic essential oil blend to help balance my doshas.

I’m a sucker for a foot massage.  I crash out every time!  This treatment was the ultimate in relaxing!  30 minutes of uninterrupted me time! No iPhone, No email, No Facebook, No Twitter, No Instagram, No WordPress, No Linkedin, No Nothing, but a chance to lay back and breath and R E L A X!  Honestly, when it comes to actually relaxing, I think I’d pick this service over a massage.  I didn’t have to get undressed, I didn’t leave covered in oils.  I didn’t have any hard pressure to endure.  I totally let go and floated into relaxation!

My therapist, Heather, had such a nurturing and calming touch. The massage with the metal bowl was nearly hypnotic!  Heather joked with me after the treatment, “You fell asleep didn’t you?”, she asked.  I laughed and said, “I totally did! Did you notice me jump as I fell asleep?”  Heather laughed and said, “Yes!  It happens all the time, people get so relaxed they drift off to sleep.”

With my sinuses treated, my doshas balanced, and my constitution refreshed after over an hour of being disconnected, I left Halo Wellness Center ready to face the world a little more centered, a little more relaxed.

The Peacock Treatment Room

If you need to escape life for a while, add a little Salt Room and Indian Foot Massage to your life.  I floated home!

Barry Eichner is a guest blogger for Philly Loves Fun. He is a local writer in Philadelphia who specializes in beauty and wellness.  Follow him on Twitter @barryeichner

Halo Wellness Center
Twitter:  @halowellness

 Disclaimer: Halo Wellness Center provided complimentary services for review. No other compensation was provided in exchange for this blog post. Facebook, Twitter and Google are not affiliated with this giveaway. The information collected via this giveaway will not be shared with any other outside organization. 

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