Fall festival season is back already and Clean Air Council leads the pack with the first big hurrah of the fall. Join us this Sunday, September 7, 2014 for the 9th Annual Greenfest Philly from 10:00am to 4:00pm in Headhouse Square. The tri-state region’s largest environmental festival is bigger than ever with live music, free demos, an outdoor beer garden, organic food and drinks, handmade and green shopping, MOM’s Organic Market Kids’ Corner, a twenty-five foot rock wall, and even edible bugs. Admission is free.

Greenfest is an important festival because we celebrate all things happening in our city to promote sustainability and we reaffirm our commitment to a positive future,” said Joseph Otis Minott, Esq., Executive Director.  “It gives me an optimistic view to see these wonderful ideals in thousands of attendees, and I love to see the passion that Philadelphians have for our environment. Philadelphia has a lot to be proud of.”

Now in its ninth year, this popular event will draw 10,000-20,000 attendees to South Street Headhouse District to learn how to live life a little greener and healthier. Check out our top 150+ reasons this is a festival you definitely won’t want to miss. Ready, set, go (green)…

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1) Take a spin the 2014 World Green Car of the Year. BMW will be offering test drives of the all new electric BMW i3. Vroom vroom up to 170 hp and 0—60 mph in approximately 7 seconds.
2) Rock Climb from 10:00am to 4:00pm – Kids and adults can catch climbing fever and try their hand at scaling a 25 foot rock wall.
3) Win exciting prizes like a Trek bike from Philadelphia Insurance Companies to make commuting greener AND more fun.
4) Leave your ‘wheels’ with the complimentary bike valet courtesy of Philadelphia Insurance Companies.
5) Clean out your closets and bring your clothing, accessories, toys, books and more to the Philly Swap at Greenfest Philly.  Bring gently used clothing, toys and books for free entry into the swap area, or make a $5 donation (includes a free Philly Swap bag). Upon entry in the swap, you are free to roam and take what you’d like.
6) Enjoy a rest and recharge station with refurbished chairs and furniture, free iced tea, coffee and solar powered chargers.
7) Pamper yourself with natural organic treatments from Eviama Life Green Spa and Boutique, the region’s green designed and operated all natural spa in the city.
Greenfest Philly, Green Fest, South Street, Headhouse Square, Clean Air Council, Fall Festival, Visit Philly, Philadelphia, Top Reason, Top Picks, earth jam, music
MUSIC (11:00am to 3:30pm) 
Local music is more sustainable than music that has to be shipped thousands of miles to your ears.
8) West Philadelphia Orchestra – With a diverse line-up of professional Philadelphia musicians whose influences range from Sun Ra to Bulgarian brass bands, West Philadelphia Orchestra is a unique live ensemble in today’s auto-tuned musical world.
9) Ron Gallo –  Ron Gallo is an ever-changing, good spirited, weirdo madman.  This “arts and crafts music project” of the same name is an attempt at capturing where Ron Gallo is at any given moment.
10) Pine Barons –  Born among the pitch pines of southern New Jersey. With a wide spectrum of influences, from classic rock to folk, jazz, and punk, Pine Barons is an amalgamation of four personalities and visions whose friendship and respect shape their craft.
11) No Stranger – No Stranger is a musical chronicle of Jonathan Cooney’s journey through life and his attempt to understand our time in it. His blend of acoustic finger style under an ethereal voice aims for your heart and hopes to stay.
Greenfest Philly, Green Fest, South Street, Headhouse Square, Clean Air Council, Fall Festival, Visit Philly, Philadelphia, Top Reason, Top Picks
Sample delicious, healthy, local and organic food from popular food trucks and local eateries.
12) EDIBL at Richard Stockton College
13) Victory Brewing Company
14) ACME Markets (Romyco)
15) Anita’s Guacamole
16) Bonjour Creperie
17) Cobblestone Krautery
18) Fair Trade PHL
19) Farm Truck Philly
20) GMO Free PA
21) Joe Coffee (Rest & Recharge)
22) Kung Fu Hoagies
23) Lafiya Foods
24) Lil Pop Shop
25) Little Baby’s Ice Cream
26) Local 215
27) Runa LLC
28) Soom Foods, LLC
29) The Twisted Tail
MilkCrate, iphone, Greenfest Philly, Green Fest, South Street, Headhouse Square, Clean Air Council, Fall Festival, Visit Philly, Philadelphia, Top Reason, Top Picks
Since 2011, the Green Innovators Program (presented by Clean Air Council and SCA) has served as a springboard for sustainable projects that have developed into viable businesses and programs in Philadelphia. 
30) Bike Share Philadelphia – In the spring of 2015 Philadelphia will join other leading cities, including Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, New York, Denver, Toronto, Montreal, London and Paris, in launching a bike sharing system. Bike sharing will be an affordable, healthy, safe, environmentally sustainable addition to Philadelphia’s transportation options.
31) Biome – Cleaner air is within reach. That’s because Biome Living Wall cleans the air you breathe, with nature. It’s the greenest, cleanest, air you can breath- without a weekend trip to the mountains.
32) Climate Tracker – Climate Tracker democratizes the collection of climate and pollution data and make that available, in real time, to researchers and app developers so that people can control their exposure to pollution and researchers can have access to unprecedented volumes of data on microclimate.  Researchers will not only be able to study the effects of climate change, but also measure our efforts to mitigate those effects.
33) Cycle Philly – CyclePhilly, a new app for iOS and Android devices, allows Philadelphia bicyclists to record their daily riding habits and share that data with regional planners to help in preparing for future bike routes, facilities, and helping authorities understand how bike commuters are using transit during their trips.
34) Milkcrate Philly – MilkCrate is an app that makes it easy to ‘go green’ by connecting you with local sustainable businesses in your neighborhood. MilkCrate’s mission is to make it easy for people to live more sustainably. By gathering, and organizing the important information about local resources and businesses, MilkCrate is the hub for residents, visitors and business owners to connect with Philadelphia’s vibrant local sustainable economy.
35) SHIFT_DESIGN – SHIFT_DESIGN is a Philadelphia-based company that designs and manufactures sustainable outdoor products. The studio’s environmental design strategy is focused on local manufacturing, mass-customization and reducing waste. Through a blend of precision technologies and traditional fabrication, our products facilitate a way of living that brings sustainable practices into daily life.
36) Spor – Spor is a no nonsense solar powered battery charger for your mobile devices. Making it simple to keep your devices charged up on the go, with the ultimate clean energy device.
37) The GREEN Program – The GREEN Program enhances the academic life experience of passionate students and empowers them to become socially responsible, innovative, and environmentally conscious leaders of tomorrow. Our programs bridge the gap between textbook learning and real-time industry experience by taking students behind the scenes of the world’s leading clean energy and sustainability initiatives.
Greenfest Philly, Green Fest, South Street, Headhouse Square, Clean Air Council, Fall Festival, Visit Philly, Philadelphia, Top Reason, Top Picks
MOM’S Organic Market Kids’ Corner will feature fun for all ages!
38) MOM’s Organic Market’s booth will have free samples and healthy snacks. Kids can also pick up their FREE Greenfest t-shirts (free to the first 200 children).
39) Kids Play with Clay from 10:00am to 2:00pm – The Clay Studio will be hosting a group-sculpt in the MOM’s Organic Market Kids’ Corner. Kids will be invited to sculpt small objects with traditional clay materials and put them together, creating a large group sculpture.
40) Frisbee Spin Art from 10:00am to 4:00pm – Always a Greenfest favorite, Tall Pines Day Camp will be helping kids to create colorful and exciting spin art on Frisbees.
41) Kid’s Yoga, time 11:00 – 11:30 and 12:00 – 12:30 – Yoga Garden will be leading a yoga class just for kids! Creative thinking, flexibility, better health, inner focus, greater concentration, improved social skills and physical strength are just some of the benefits of yoga for kids. Through interactive games and exercises, kids learn yoga postures, breathing techniques and lots more! And it’s all just plain fun!
Eviama Life, Green Spa, Philadelphia, Greenfest Philly, Green Fest, South Street, Headhouse Square, Clean Air Council, Fall Festival, Visit Philly, Philadelphia, Top Reason, Top Picks
Purchase one of a kind handmade art and crafts from eco-artisans. Shop for farm fresh produce at Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market, featuring dozens of vendors featuring fruit, veggies, artisanal cheese, baked goods, chocolates and more. Shop for eco-friendly fashion, beauty, and home goods.
42) 100% Cool – Eco artistan
43) ACRE Replacement Windows – Home and garden
44) Aqua Reale – Home and garden
45) Babylon Gardens – Home and garden
46) Bath Fitter – Home and garden
47) Beaucycled – Eco artistan
48) Bennett Compost – Home and garden
49) Blue Conservations – Home and garden
50) Bob Deane Pottery – Home and garden
51) Bog Berry / Emberhandcraft – Home and garden
52) Book Grrl – Eco artistan
53) CG ReJewelry – Eco artistan
54) Eviama Life Green Spa & Boutique – Health and beauty
55) Gen3 Electricity – Home and garden
56) Greene Street – Clothing and accessories
57) Greene Street Kids – Clothing and accessories
58) Greenology Organic Living, LLC – Home and garden
59) Living Fresh Collection – Home and garden
60) MECO Designs Jewelry – Clothing and accessories
61) Philly Aids Thrift – Clothing and accessories
62) Post Brothers Apartments – Home and garden
63) Salvaged & Stoned – Eco artistan
64) Soapbox Holistics – Health and beauty
65) Steel Core – Clothing and accessories
66) Strawberry Moon Plant – Based Gifts
67) The Hausler Collection – Clothing and accessories
68) The Yoga Garden – Health and beauty
69) Tintco Window Tinting – Home and garden
70) Urban Work Textiles – Eco artistan
71) Yoga Living – Health and beauty
South Street Headhouse District, Headhouse Farmers Market, Greenfest Philly, Green Fest, South Street, Headhouse Square, Clean Air Council, Fall Festival, Visit Philly, Philadelphia, Top Reason, Top Picks
Right next door, don’t miss the farm fresh goodness under the Shambles from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Here’s a sampling of vendors form this season:

72) A.T. Buzby Farm – Fresh Produce
73) Beechwood Orchards – Fruits and vegetables
74) Bennett Compost – Composting
75) Blooming Glen Farm – Fresh produce
76) Blue Mountain Vineyards – Wine
77) Birchrun Hills – Cheese, veal, beef and pork
78) Culton Farm – Rare heirloom varietals
79) Frecon Farms – Fresh Produce, cider, flowers
80) Green Aisle Grocery  – Handmade preserves, chutneys and citrus curds featuring a plethora of local fruits and vegetables
81) Griggstown Quail Farm – Fruit pies, pot pies, sausages and quail eggs
82) Good Spoon – Soups
83) Happy Cat Organic – Fresh produce
84) Heart Food Truck – Made with the best local and sustainably-produced ingredients
85) Hillacres Pride – Cheese, milk, meats
86) Hurley’s Landscaping and Nursery – Plants
87) John and Kira’s – Chocolates
88) Long View Farm – Chemical Free Flowers and Plants
89) Los Taquitos de Puebla – Authentic Mexican tacos
90) LoveBar – Bean-to-bar chocolate
91) Made in the Shade – Seasonal flavored lemonade
92) Market Day Canele – Fresh canele, savory tarts and caramels
93) Neil’s Knife Sharpening Service – Knife sharpening service
94) North Star Orchard – Fruits and vegetables
95) Otolith Sustainable Seafood – Fresh seafood
96) Paradocx Wines – Local wines
97) Philly Fair Trade Roasters – Coffee
98) PorcSalt – Cured Meats
99) Queens Farm – Fruits and vegetables
100) Ric’s Breads – Artisan breads, muffins and cookies
101) Root Mass – Fresh Produce
102) Savoie Organics – Fresh Produce
103) Shelbark Hollow – Goat Cheese, Milk, Kefir, and Spreads
104) Shore Catch – Seafood all caught from 250 miles of Barnegat, NJ
105) Spring Hills Farm – Maple Syrup
106) Talula’s Table – House-made sausages and gourmet dips
107) Three Springs Fruit Farm – Fruits, vegetables, juices and apple sauce
108) Weavers Way Farm – Vegetables and herbs
109) Wildflour Bakery – Artisan breads, cakes and pastries
110) Zsa’s Gourmet Ice Cream – Small batch artisinal ice cream
Greenfest Philly, Green Fest, South Street, Headhouse Square, Clean Air Council, Fall Festival, Visit Philly, Philadelphia, Top Reason, Top Picks

Become educated and take action on critical environmental issues from leading advocacy groups.

111) American Vegan Society
112) Clean Air Council
113) Clean Water Action
114) Eastern Service Workers
115) Eco-Justice Working Group
116) Fairmount Park Conservancy
117) Food & Water Watch
118) Mobilization for Animals, PA
119) PAWS
120) Peace Advocacy Network
121) Penn Environment
122) PennFuture
123) Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
124) Peoples Climate March
125) Protecting Our Waters
126) Sierra Club
127) The Humane League
128) The Vegetarian Resource Group

Greenfest Philly, Green Fest, South Street, Headhouse Square, Clean Air Council, Fall Festival, Visit Philly, Philadelphia, Top Reason, Top Picks
129) 100% Cool
130) Air Management Services
131) Aversa PR
132) Beaucycled
133) Book Grrl
134) CBS Radio
135) CG ReJewelry
136) CityCoHo / Philly Nexus
137) Community Outreach and Engagement Core – Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology
138) Community Recycling
139) Drexel Smart House
140)  Car Share
141) Glad Dogs Nation
142) Green Businesses
143) Grid Magazine / Red Flag Media
144) Hazon / Jewish Farm School
145) Philadelphia Federal Credit Union
146) Philadelphia Insurance Co’s
147) Philadelphia Recycling Rewards
148) Philadelphia Water Department
149) Salvaged & Stoned
150) SBN (Sustainable Business Network)
151) SCA
152) Septa
153) South Street Headhouse District
154) The Clay Studio
155) The Franklin Institute
156) The Resource Exchange
157) Urban Work Textiles
158) Waste Management
159) WHYY, Inc NewsWorks
160) Zipcar
Admission is free but there’s still time to go green in VIP style! Festival “Green Cards” are also on sale at www.greenfestphilly.org for $30 that includes food and drink discounts, a free t-shirt, and eco-friendly swag. For more information, visit the website, call 215-567-4004, and follow @greenfestphilly on Twitter. Look for our lives tweets from the event at @phillylovesfun. See you this weekend!
Disclaimer: No other compensation was provided in exchange for this blog post. Facebook, Twitter and Google are not affiliated with any Philly Loves Fun giveaways ever. Please confirm all times and schedules with official organizers. Philly Loves Fun is not sponsoring this event. 

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