This year is the 6th edition of Diner En Blanc Philadelphia and each year the people, food, and tables are getting more and more elaborate. You don’t have to be a craft-master to make your table stand out! Here are ten, affordable and simple Pinterest inspired DIY centerpiece options that are sure to catch eyes.

Diner En Blanc is an exclusive world-wide premiere pop-up party and feast. Diner En Blanc now takes place in over 70 cities across the world. The all-white affair is returning to Philadelphia on August 17th to an undisclosed location. Guests will find out the location of the event only moments before the event begins! Past locations have included The Art Museum, Logan Circle, JFK Bridge, Avenue of the Arts and The Navy Yard.

Guests will bring their own gourmet feast, table, chairs and table setting. Over the course of the evening, they will eat and enjoy amid music, entertainment and dancing.

In order to maintain the uniqueness of the event, as well as staying true to the long-standing traditions, guests must observe the following:

  • Guests must dress from all in elegant and stylish white.
  • Table settings must be white.
  • Guests should meet at their assigned departure location and be escorted to the final destination by Dîner en Blanc volunteers.
  • Guests should be prepared to attend the event rain or shine.
  • All guests must leave the event location and neighborhood as clean as when they arrived. Guests are required to leave with their belongings, including leftovers and litter.

Guests must bring:

  • A table, two white chairs, a white tablecloth, stemware and dinnerware.
  • A picnic basket with fine food and drink. Food should be brought in reusable and/or recycled containers.
  • Champagne or wine (optional).

With all of these rules it might sound like there is little room for creativity, but that is hardly the case. Spruce up your table with some of these easy-to-make centerpieces.

Mason Jar Luminaries/Vase in Four Easy Steps


Image url:

Photo Credit: @TheDomesticEngineer

Mason jars can be used in so many different ways to spice up a table! Here is how to easily transform your mason jar into a vase or a luminary.

You’ll need:

  • Mason Jars
  • Epsom Salt
  • Votive Candles
  • Twine
  • Lace


1) Cover the rim of each jar with lace

2) Secure lace with Twine. You can wrap the entire rim with twine or just tie twine around the top.

3) Fill Mason jar about ⅓ of the way full with Epsom salt

4) Insert Votive candle or flowers.

Pretty Pineapple


Image url :

Image Credit: StyleMePretty

Use everyday objects to make your table standout with the help of a little spray paint. Pineapples are gorgeous so why not add them!

You’ll Need:

  • A Pineapple
  • White Spray paint
  • White Acrylic Paint


  1. Being by spraying the top leaves of the pineapple then allow them to dry completely.
  2. Once you’ve sprayed enough coats to get your desired color, wrap the leaves in a plastic bag and spray paint the base of the pineapple.
  3. Allow the pineapple to dry, then add the finishing touches by using a paintbrush and acrylic paint to touch up the crevasses of the pineapple that were missed during the spray painting. Let it dry (out of the sun) and you’re all done!

White Lace Garland


Image url:

Image Credit: Amy Ryan

Stand out! This lace garland strand is so simple to make and can easily spruce up your table or chairs.

You’ll Need:

  • Twine
  • Various types of white lace
  • White ribbons in various lengths and materials


  1. To make the garland, cut yourself a piece of twine to the length you want your garland strand to be.
  2. Then loop the ribbon and lace over the branch alternating widths, patterns, and textures until you have filled up the twine!

Light-up Sparkle Ball


Image url:

Image Credit: Vanessa Beaty

This ball may be made of plastic cups, but it looks like a decoration straight out of a Gatsby party!

You’ll Need:

  • 50 Plastic Cups
  • 50 Bulb LED Battery Operated Light Strand
  • Heavy Duty Stapler
  • 3 Clothespins


  1. Very simple video tutorial here!

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms


Image url:

Image Credit: Unique Industries

A tissue paper pom-pom ball will definitely turn heads at Diner En Blanc. If you are worried about transporting the pom-pom- complete the instructions up to step four at home, then fluff the pom-pom once you arrive!

You’ll Need:

  • 10 Sheets of Tissue Paper (preferably 20×26 inches)
  • Scissors
  • 10 inch piece of floral wire
  • Needle Nose Pliers


  1. Set stack of tissue paper facing away from you lengthwise and fold stack of paper accordion style the whole length. (Each fold should be about 1 inch.)
  2. Once accordion folding is complete, hold the stack of paper taught at the center. Using the floral wire, tie the stack together as tightly as you can.
  3. Use needle nose pliers to finish the the tie, alleviating any sharp edges
  4. Cut each end of the paper stack to desired shape.  Round, pointed etc.
  5. Begin fluffing each layer of tissue by pulling layers up and toward the center, where the floral wire was tied.
  6. Once half of the paper has been fluffed, flip the pom over so the fluffed side is gently resting on a flat surface.
  7. Again, bring each layer of tissue up and toward the center.
  8. Once all layers have been fluffed, you are ready to display your pom!

White Rose Box Centerpiece


Image url:

Image Credit: Style Me Pretty

This simple flower box is the perfect touch for anyone looking to add a little class to their table!

You’ll Need:

Flower Box (of desired size)

  • Flower Foam (to fit along bottom of box)
  • White Paint and paintbrush (if box is not white already)
  • White Roses/Flower of Choice


  1. First you will begin by painting the outside of flower box white.
  2. Place flower foam on the bottom of the box.
  3. Cut flower stems down so that they are just long enough to fill the foam but not go above the edge of the box.
  4. Push stems into the foam in desired arrangement!

Rustic Candle Board


Image url:

Image Credit: Ideal Design Casa

This candle board is the perfect accessory your table. Pinecones can be purchased and used for those who wish to go for a more outdoorsy vibe, otherwise stones can be collected and used as well!

You’ll need:

  • Shallow wood box from craft supplier
  • White Spray paint
  • Candles
  • Hot Glue


  1. First begin by spray painting wooden box, and pinecones/stones.
  2. Allow to dry.
  3. Then arrange candles and pinecones/rocks into desired layout.
  4. Once you have found a layout that you are satisfied with, use the hot glue gun to secure the items onto the board. (You may choose to leave enough room for candles and not glue them on for easier transport.)

Floating Candle Centerpiece


Image url:

Image Credit: HisNightOwl2014

Hard to believe that this beautiful floating candle centerpiece was made with items all purchased at the Dollar Store! This piece is inexpensive and so simple to make that you could even assemble it when you arrive!

You’ll Need:

  • Fake white flowers (no stems)
  • Glasses/vases of choice
  • Floating tealight candles
  • White/clear decorative glass pieces


  1. First pour decorative glass pieces onto the bottom of the vase.
  2. Place fake flower on the glass pieces.
  3. Add water until vase is about halfway full.
  4. Place floating candle on water and light!

Beach Vibes Lantern


Image url:

Image Credit: Susan @betweennapsontheporch

Decorate your table to match the season! Have any old lanterns lying around? Make some use of them by turning them into an awesome beach themed table piece! These lanterns can also be purchased at crafting stores.

You’ll Need:

  • Lantern
  • White Paint and paint brush
  • Candle
  • White sand
  • Shells/decorative beach pieces


  1. This project is very easy to put together! The first step is to paint the lantern, shells, and other decorative beach pieces white.
  2. Once dry, pour the white sand evenly along the bottom of the lantern.
  3. Put the candle in the middle of the lantern.
  4. Add shells and decorative beach pieces around the candle.

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece


Image url:

Image Credit: Wanda

Want all eyes on you? This show-stopping ostrich feather centerpiece will do just that!

You’ll Need:

  • 20 12”-14” Ostrich feathers
  • 16”-24” tall “Eiffel Tower” Vase
  • Bouquet Holder


  1. Put the stem on the bouquet holder into the top of the vase.
  2. The holder is split into rows, separated by a plastic casing. Place one feather into every other section on the bottom row. The feathers should be facing in a downward position.
  3. Move up to the 2nd to last row of the bouquet holder and place one feather into every section.
  4. Move up to the next row and place one feather in each section. This time try to have them pointing at an upward angle. Try to space out the feathers so they are not hitting the ones below it.
  5. Move up to the top row of the bouquet holder and add one feather in every other section like you did on the bottom row. These feathers should be pointing mostly more up and less out than the last row.
  6. Finally, add 3 more feathers to the very top of the bouquet holder pointing up.
  7. See if there are any spots that look empty and add a feather or reposition existing feathers!

For full details on the event’s rules and regulations, please visit the official website: To keep up to date on event announcements, follow Diner en Blanc –  Philadelphia on Facebook, dinerenblancphl on Instagram and @debphl on Twitter (hashtags #DEBPHL17 #dinerenblanc).

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