The Philadelphia Flower Show - Photos by Philly Loves Fun and Aversa PR

The Philadelphia Flower Show – Photos by Philly Loves Fun and Aversa PR

Start polishing up your British accent as we’re about to take a journey. Leave the bags at home and get ready to ‘travel’ to a land far away with the Philadelphia Flower Show. This year, we’re heading off to see the majestic beauty and creative genius of Great Britain with “Brilliant!”  Last night we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview. We can honestly say that the show lives up to its name!  The show is has something for everyone, and is everyone’s cup of tea!The entrance of the 2013 Flower Show made a bold and beautiful statement. Last year, the waves of Hawaii were cool and innovative but not as memorable as we had hoped. This year, the entrance gates to the “Royal Palace” had us standing in awe until we were pushed ahead by those behind us jockeying for a better view. We found ourselves drawn back to the gates not once, not twice, but three times during the preview. We simply couldn’t get enough of the pure beauty in the floral arches and regal design.

As we peered through the entrance gate, we spotted Philadelphia’s version of Big Ben. This digitally enhanced clock tower demanded immediate attention with a lush greenscape, a wall of water, oversize lily pads and its pure mammoth size. On the north side of the display, we spotted unique structures that from a distance resembling well-pruned landscaping. As we got closer, we found these were actually sculptures made from recycled materials, including garden hoses, tires and piping.  The garden hoses had amazing textures that resembled a hissing snake.

While we continued to circle the clock tower the face changed and music started to play. The tower transitioned into a light and sound show that danced its way through the decades, celebrating pop icons such as the Beatles, the Clash, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Queen and even Depeche Mode.  God bless the queen, as she joined the party by riding by on a bicycle!

The Philadelphia Flower Show - Photos by Philly Loves Fun and Aversa PR

The Philadelphia Flower Show – Photos by Philly Loves Fun and Aversa PR

Other major exhibits included a manicured cricket club, a floral presentation of the crown jewels, sunny cottage gardens and a yellow submarine.  Our two favorite exhibits were the Mad Hatters Tea Party.  Here we found Alice late for a very important date with magic mushrooms, an enchanting gate, oversize pocket watch and Wonderland characters. We also loved the dark and haunting exhibit in the corner by Schaffer Designs. The designers of last year’s Hawaiian volcano upped their game this year by presenting rooms made from thousands (maybe even tens of thousands) of red and pink roses. This display showed that flowers can be both beautiful but edgy. It truly was a standout among  the traditional bright and cheerful exhibits.  We left with chills going up and down our arms!

The Philadelphia Flower Show “Brilliant” runs now through March 10, 2013 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Tickets are on sale online. For more of our preview, check out the album below.  If you attend, leave plenty of time to see every detail. We’re pretty sure you’ll be knackered when you leave!


Disclaimer: No compensation was received in exchange for this blog post. Philly Loves Fun attended the preview as a member press, not a paid blogger. 

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  2. […] Philadelphia Flower Show is Truly ‘Brilliant’ in 2013 ( […]

  3. Another great Flower Show! I loved it, especially the shopping at the end! 🙂

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