Pumpkin and Cake Shakes

While everyone else eats their salad or appetizer, I am chowing down on dessert first.  My philosophy is simple:  Prioritize!  Being Philly’s unofficial king of desserts, I need to make sure I have room for what’s important — sweets!  If there’s room after dessert and fun drinks, so be it!  Otherwise, oh well!  This has always been my plan until a restaurant and bar in Northern Liberties complicated matters by blurring the line between sweet goodness and the main course.  The results are amazing!

PYT, located in The Piazza At Schmidts (1050 N Hancock St.,  Philadelphia, PA 19123), brings the sugary love of cake, candy and donuts, and injects them into their drinks and sliders.  PYT’s “adult” shakes are one of my favorite things in all of Philly.  They take simple Jack and Jill ice cream and fine spirits, and then add dessert toppings, birthday cake, candy and more!  Flavors combinations include bananas foster, birthday cake, Butterfinger, cookies and cream, cereal, strawberry sweet cake and toffee crunch.  Recently, I tried their “Birthday Cake Shake” and I was blown away!  First, everyone at the table got a different colored cake shake.  This was a special detail that only added to the fun.  The shake came with an actual piece of birthday cake on top, with a lit candle and sprinkles.  The shake itself was chuck full of actual cake pieces, mixed with the Pinnacle Cake Vodka.   A pleasant bonus was the time it took to bring the shake.  Due to the popularity of the shakes, they sometimes can take longer than the food due to the high demand!  This time, the shakes came out along with our other regular beverages.

Krispy Kreme Sliders

Adult shakes at PYT are large and filling.  I have yet to be able to drink more than 2.5.  After trying two different shakes, I thought I was full…until I spied a new addition to the menu — Krispy Kreme sliders and the Pickleback Burger.  I ordered both and decided to share with my friends (although they ot the short end of the stick and should have gotten their own). The Tasty Cake sliders were perfectly cooked mini-beef burgers with chocolate covered bacon on top.  They were placed inside to cut-open donuts.  The sweet and saltiness was a perfect blend.  The Pickleback Burger was a full-sized burger with fried pickles on it, peppered bacon, jack cheese, Jamison reduction and sprouts; served with dill fries and a spicy pickle spear.  While this could be the most fattening burger ever created, it was also delicious.  A small item to note was the delicious spicy pickle.   I could have eaten a bowl of them!

While shakes might not be usual winter fair, the winter months bring less crowds and faster service times.  They also offer a fun, club meets diner atmosphere that spins great tunes, has cool locals, engaging bartenders and shorter waits.  Parking is free (most times) and close — making this a great spot to pull up and enjoy.  Try doing that in Center City on a Friday night!  In the summer, PYT boasts a large outdoor area to sip your shake and watch the people go by.

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