The weather was beautiful, the people were friendly and the cause was important. On Sunday, we joined City of Hope Philadelphia‘s Walk for Hope to fight women’s cancer. While the cause was a serious one, the day was jam packed with uplifting family fun.

We started the day at Campbell’s Field were we met the other walkers on the Philly Loves Fun/ Aversa PR team.  When we arrived were greeted with a parade of commemorative purple – feathers, hats, t-shirts, balloons, sunglasses and more.  The Riversharks weren’t in the house. Instead, we did find some of the most friendly, caring and wonderful people from all walks of life who were warming up, making signs, enjoy the snacks and watching the ceremonies.  After a peppy warm-up with the aerobic instructors, we set off for a 3 mile walk with other participants from all walks of life, including children, seniors, teenagers and even a ton of canines.  Fido loves City of Hope too! Doesn’t he!?

The walk course took us over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Crossing the bridge on foot was on our bucket list, and the experience didn’t disappoint. On the New Jersey side we were presented with unique and beautiful views of the Rutgers field, the stadium and the waterfront. As we crossed over the Pennsylvania, we spied spectacular views of Race Street Pier, Philadelphia’s skyline and Old City.  With cars, sail boats and barges underneath us, we stopped stopped to take dozens of pictures to share. We even encountered a surprising number of joggers, students and other folks who were out on the bridge for their Sunday stroll. Apparently, walking the bridge is more popular than we thought!

At the end of the bridge, we meandered through Old City and found our way to festivities in Headhouse Square. More volunteers were on the scene to power greet us and present us with swag bags. We enjoyed healthy snacks from the walk tables (and even sampled some goodies from the South Street farmers’ market). Entertainment included circus performers, Mummers and live music. We played old fashioned carnival games and met pets for adoption from PAWS. At the end of the experience, we left knowing we raised money for a great cause. The good time we had was simply a bonus!  Talk about a win-win!

If you hadn’t made a donation to our team, you can still contact City of Hope to make a difference.  Check out the great shots we captured along the walk route – and mark the event down as a must do for 2013. Thanks to everyone who walked with us, tweeted us and donated to our team!

Disclaimer:  This post was presented with support from City of Hope.  Facebook, Twitter and Google are not affiliated with any PLF giveaways.

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